Idea: Menu by Default

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2024/02/26 17:52




 Bundle Menu application in XWiki



Issue 1: Visible entries in Navigation Tree and AppBar

  • You will have 2 entries in the panels: one for AppBar and the other in the Navigation Tree
    • For simple users the entries might be redundant and distracting
    • Admins will be helped to discover the feature

Issue 2: Visible entry in AWM home

  • It will be listed as AWM app

Issue 3: Menu Example Proposal

  • We might provide a default usage example and encourage editing
  • Requirements:
    • Provide some useful content (instead of Home and Sandbox)
    • Encourage users to customise it
    • Integrate it better in the UI

Issue 4: Not restricted to Administrators

  • Although simple users can create and use menus, we might want to add it by default in order to help the Administrators create custom navigations
    • Should the Menu app be an application only for Administrators?
    • Should we protect the example restricting the edit rights only for Administrators?


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