Idea: Relevant Navigation

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 Menu App by default


  • L: The need here is that people are interested in a menu they can control. The tree is not fully controlable. Adding the menu app by default will show people that they have a menu that they can edit
  • A: Wants to see just the content that was created by her. She doesn't want to see XWiki internal pages (hidden ones, XWiki space, Sandbox, etc.)
  • A: Wants to have a clear overview about all the wikis and pages that are inside the wiki.



Solution 1

  • Bundle Menu by default

Solution 2

  • Provide a Panel with user content pages

Solution 3

  • Refactor XWiki Apps to be under Applications space and make sure they are separating the code from the data

Solution 4

  • Fix breadcrumb for Main Wiki (display also subwikis in it) + Make it more visible / discoverable (maybe by adding it in Tour)

Solution 5

  • Create a Wikis gadget + panel

Solution 6

  • Improve Wiki Index to also contain a global tree


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