Idea: Help by Default

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 Bundle Help Center application in XWiki



Issue 1: Uninstallable

  • Bundling means making it a dependency of the XWiki Enterprise flavor, which means that uninstalling the Help Center would uninstall the XWiki Enterprise flavor
    • Issue: Users not wanting to see the Help pages inside the Navigation Tree or AppBar would need to manually make the pages hidden

Issue 2: Visible AWM apps

  • Help Center comes with some AWM Demo apps. Some users might want to remove those apps, since they are not content created by them
    • For beginner users, the demo applications helps them understand basic XWiki concepts, but after the initial steps they are still visibile
  • We could decide to make the pages to be hidden, but their purpose is to reflect the reality and demo how AWM apps can be used

Issue 3: Flavor

  • Where should the Help be bundled? In the KB flavor or in the Base/XWiki flavor (being available for all flavors that build on top of it)?

Issue 4: Permissions

  • Should the Help pages be protected against editing, in order to prevent deleting important info?

Issue 5: Component


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