XWiki Icon Set

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XWiki icons

This is the set of icons that XWiki wants to support. Naturally, they must be present in every Icon Theme!

NameSilkFont AwesomeGlyphicon (Bootstrap)Elusive
homehouse house fa-home glyphicon-home el-icon-home
wikiworld world fa-globe glyphicon-globe el-icon-globe
spacefolder folder fa-folder-open glyphicon-folder-open el-icon-folder-open
pagepage_white_text page_white_text fa-file-o glyphicon-file el-icon-file
checkaccept accept fa-check glyphicon-ok el-icon-ok
addadd add fa-plus glyphicon-plus el-icon-plus
anchoranchor anchor fa-anchor
terminalapplication_osx_terminal application_osx_terminal fa-terminal glyphicon-console
listapplication_view_list application_view_list fa-list-alt glyphicon-list-alt el-icon-list-alt
brancharrow_branch arrow_branch fa-code-fork
downarrow_down arrow_down fa-arrow-down glyphicon-arrow-down
uparrow_up arrow_up fa-arrow-up glyphicon-arrow-up
leftarrow_left arrow_left fa-arrow-left glyphicon-arrow-left
rightarrow_right arrow_right fa-arrow-right glyphicon-arrow-right
arrowsarrow_out arrow_out fa-arrows-alt glyphicon-fullscreen
repeatarrow_redo arrow_redo fa-repeat glyphicon-retweet
undoarrow_undo arrow_undo fa-undo
refresharrow_refresh arrow_refresh fa-refresh glyphicon-refresh
rotate-leftarrow_rotate_anticlockwise arrow_rotate_anticlockwise fa-rotate-left
rotate-rightarrow_rotate_clockwise arrow_rotate_clockwise fa-rotate-right glyphicon-repeat
switcharrow_switch arrow_switch fa-random glyphicon-random el-icon-random
randomarrow_switch arrow_switch fa-random glyphicon-random el-icon-random
attachattach attach fa-paperclip glyphicon-paperclip el-icon-paper-clip
shopping-cartcart cart fa-shopping-cart glyphicon-shopping-cart el-icon-shopping-cart
bellbell bell fa-bell glyphicon-bell el-icon-bell
trashbin bin fa-trash glyphicon-trash el-icon-trash
bombbomb bomb fa-bomb
bookbook book fa-book glyphicon-book el-icon-book
bullet_black fa-circle
cubebox box fa-cube
cubesbricks bricks fa-cubes
briefcasebriefcase briefcase fa-briefcase glyphicon-briefcase el-icon-briefcase
bugbug bug fa-bug
buildingbuilding building fa-building
caret-downbullet_arrow_down bullet_arrow_down fa-caret-down glyphicon-triangle-bottom el-icon-caret-down
caret-upbullet_arrow_up bullet_arrow_up fa-caret-up glyphicon-triangle-top el-icon-caret-up
caret-rightbullet_go bullet_go fa-caret-right glyphicon-triangle-right el-icon-caret-right
calculatorcalculator calculator fa-calculator
calendarcalendar calendar fa-calendar glyphicon-calendar el-icon-calendar
cameracamera camera fa-camera glyphicon-camera el-icon-camera
removecancel cancel fa-times-circle glyphicon-remove-sign el-icon-remove-sign
crosscross cross fa-times glyphicon-remove el-icon-remove
carcar car fa-car glyphicon-bed el-icon-car
trucklorry lorry fa-truck
chart-barchart_bar chart_bar fa-bar-chart-o
chart-organisationchart_organisation chart_organisation fa-sitemap
cloudweather_clouds weather_clouds fa-cloud glyphicon-cloud el-icon-cloud
clockclock clock fa-clock-o
cogcog cog fa-cog glyphicon-cog el-icon-cog
commentcomment comment fa-comment glyphicon-comment el-icon-comment
commentscomments comments fa-comments
desktopcomputer computer fa-desktop
contrastcontrast contrast fa-adjust
ejectcontrol_eject control_eject fa-eject glyphicon-eject el-icon-eject
step-forwardcontrol_end control_end fa-step-forward glyphicon-step-forward el-icon-step-forward
step-backwardcontrol_start control_start fa-step-backward glyphicon-step-backward el-icon-step-backward
fast-forwardcontrol_fastforward control_fastforward fa-fast-forward glyphicon-fast-forward el-icon-fast-forward
backwardcontrol_rewind control_rewind fa-backward glyphicon-backward el-icon-backward
playcontrol_play control_play fa-play glyphicon-play el-icon-play
pausecontrol_pause control_pause fa-pause glyphicon-pause el-icon-pause
stopcontrol_stop control_stop fa-stop glyphicon-stop el-icon-stop
gamepadcontroller controller fa-gamepad
credit-cardcreditcards creditcards fa-credit-card glyphicon-credit-card el-icon-credit-card
coffeecup cup fa-coffee
cutcut cut fa-cut
databasedatabase database fa-database
deletedelete delete fa-minus-circle glyphicon-minus-sign el-icon-minus-sign
floppy-diskdisk disk fa-floppy-o glyphicon-floppy-disk el-icon-floppy-disk
glassdrink drink fa-glass glyphicon-glass el-icon-glass
drivedrive drive fa-hdd-o glyphicon-hdd el-icon-hdd
envelopeemail email fa-envelope-o glyphicon-envelope el-icon-envelope
warningerror error fa-exclamation-triangle glyphicon-warning-sign el-icon-warning-sign
errorexclamation exclamation fa-exclamation-circle glyphicon-exclamation-sign el-icon-exclamation-sign
infoinformation information fa-info-circle glyphicon-info-sign el-icon-info-sign
eyeeye eye fa-eye glyphicon-eye-open el-icon-eye-open
rssfeed feed fa-rss
femalefemale female fa-female
malemale male fa-male
filmfilm film fa-film glyphicon-film el-icon-film
flagflag_blue flag_blue fa-flag glyphicon-flag el-icon-flag
searchmagnifier magnifier fa-search glyphicon-search el-icon-search
search-pluszoom_in zoom_in fa-search-plus
search-minuszoom_out zoom_out fa-search-minus
folderfolder folder fa-folder glyphicon-folder-open el-icon-folder-open
useruser user fa-user
groupgroup group fa-group
heartheart heart fa-heart glyphicon-heart el-icon-heart
heart_emptyheart_empty heart_empty fa-heart-o glyphicon-heart-empty el-icon-heart-empty
questionhelp help fa-question-circle glyphicon-question-sign el-icon-question-sign
imageimage image fa-image glyphicon-picture el-icon-picture
keykey key fa-key
keyboardkeyboard keyboard fa-keyboard-o
lightbulblightbulb lightbulb fa-lightbulb-o
linklink link fa-link glyphicon-link el-icon-link
unlinklink_break link_break fa-unlink
locklock lock fa-lock glyphicon-lock el-icon-lock
unlocklock_open lock_open fa-unlock
moneymoney money fa-money
dollarmoney_dollar money_dollar fa-dollar
euromoney_euro money_euro fa-euro glyphicon-euro el-icon-euro
gbpmoney_pound money_pound fa-gbp glyphicon-gbp el-icon-gbp
yenmoney_yen money_yen fa-yen
musicmusic music fa-music glyphicon-music el-icon-music
filepage page fa-file glyphicon-file el-icon-file
file-whitepage_white page_white fa-file-o
file-pdfpage_white_acrobat page_white_acrobat fa-file-pdf-o
file-codepage_white_code page_white_code fa-file-code-o
file-archivepage_white_compressed page_white_compressed fa-file-archive-o
file-wordpage_white_word page_white_word fa-file-word-o
file-excelpage_white_excel page_white_excel fa-file-excel-o
file-powerpointpage_white_powerpoint page_white_powerpoint fa-file-powerpoint-o
file-textpage_white_text page_white_text fa-file-text-o
pastepaste_plain paste_plain fa-paste
pencilpencil pencil fa-pencil glyphicon-pencil el-icon-pencil
printprinter printer fa-print
shieldshield shield fa-shield
certificaterosette rosette fa-certificate glyphicon-certificate el-icon-certificate
volume-upsound sound fa-volume-up
volume-downsound_low sound_low fa-volume-down
volume-offsound_none sound_none fa-volume-off
soccersport_soccer sport_soccer fa-futbol-o
starstar star fa-star
tabletable table fa-table
phonetelephone telephone fa-phone
fontfont font fa-font glyphicon-font el-icon-font
boldtext_bold text_bold fa-bold glyphicon-bold el-icon-bold
italictext_italic text_italic fa-italic glyphicon-italic el-icon-italic
strikethroughtext_strikethrough text_strikethrough fa-strikethrough
subscripttext_subscript text_subscript fa-subscript
superscripttext_superscript text_superscript fa-superscript
underlinetext_underline text_underline fa-underline
align-centertext_align_center text_align_center fa-align-center glyphicon-align-center el-icon-align-center
align-justifytext_align_justify text_align_justify fa-align-justify glyphicon-align-justify el-icon-align-justify
align-lefttext_align_left text_align_left fa-align-left glyphicon-align-left el-icon-align-left
align-righttext_align_right text_align_right fa-align-right glyphicon-align-right el-icon-align-right
columnstext_columns text_columns fa-columns
indent-lefttext_indent text_indent fa-indent glyphicon-indent-left el-icon-indent-left
indent-righttext_indent_remove text_indent_remove fa-outdent glyphicon-indent-right el-icon-indent-right
list-bulletstext_list_bullets text_list_bullets fa-list-ul glyphicon-list el-icon-list
list-numberstext_list_numbers text_list_numbers fa-list-ol
sunweather_sun weather_sun fa-sun-o
worldworld world fa-globe glyphicon-globe el-icon-globe
wrenchwrench wrench fa-wrench glyphicon-wrench el-icon-wrench
menubullet_arrow_down bullet_arrow_down fa-bars glyphicon-menu-hamburger el-icon-lines
more-verticalbullet_arrow_down bullet_arrow_down fa-ellipsis-v glyphicon-option-vertical el-icon-chevron-down
editpage_edit page_edit fa-edit glyphicon-edit el-icon-edit
copypage_copy page_copy fa-copy glyphicon-edit el-icon-file-edit
movepage_go page_go fa-external-link glyphicon-new-window el-icon-share
downloadapplication_put application_put fa-download glyphicon-download-alt el-icon-download-alt
log-inuser_go user_go fa-sign-in glyphicon-log-in el-icon-circle-arrow-right
log-outuser_go user_go fa-sign-out glyphicon-log-out el-icon-circle-arrow-right
thapplication_view_tile application_view_tile fa-th glyphicon-th el-icon-th
translatepage_white_world page_white_world fa-language glyphicon-globe el-icon-globe
minus-squarebullet_toggle_minus bullet_toggle_minus fa-minus-square glyphicon-minus-sign el-icon-minus-sign
plus-squarebullet_toggle_plus bullet_toggle_plus fa-plus-square glyphicon-plus-sign el-icon-plus-sign
filterfind find fa-filter
fast-backwardcontrol_rewind control_rewind fa-fast-backward
arrow_inarrow_in arrow_in fa-window-minimize
table_sorttable_sort table_sort fa-sort
emoticon_smileemoticon_smile emoticon_smile fa-smile-o glyphicon-user el-icon-smiley

Feel free to add others!
TODO: create a name conventions

For developers

This part is automatically generated. Please do not edit it

List of icons

#set($xwikiIcons = ['home', 'wiki', 'space', 'page', 'check', 'add', 'anchor', 'terminal', 'list', 'branch', 'down', 'up', 'left', 'right', 'arrows', 'repeat', 'undo', 'refresh', 'rotate-left', 'rotate-right', 'switch', 'random', 'attach', 'shopping-cart', 'bell', 'trash', 'bomb', 'book', 'bullet_black', 'cube', 'cubes', 'briefcase', 'bug', 'building', 'caret-down', 'caret-up', 'caret-right', 'calculator', 'calendar', 'camera', 'remove', 'cross', 'car', 'truck', 'chart-bar', 'chart-organisation', 'cloud', 'clock', 'cog', 'comment', 'comments', 'desktop', 'contrast', 'eject', 'step-forward', 'step-backward', 'fast-forward', 'backward', 'play', 'pause', 'stop', 'gamepad', 'credit-card', 'coffee', 'cut', 'database', 'delete', 'floppy-disk', 'glass', 'drive', 'envelope', 'warning', 'error', 'info', 'eye', 'rss', 'female', 'male', 'film', 'flag', 'search', 'search-plus', 'search-minus', 'folder', 'user', 'group', 'heart', 'heart_empty', 'question', 'image', 'key', 'keyboard', 'lightbulb', 'link', 'unlink', 'lock', 'unlock', 'money', 'dollar', 'euro', 'gbp', 'yen', 'music', 'file', 'file-white', 'file-pdf', 'file-code', 'file-archive', 'file-word', 'file-excel', 'file-powerpoint', 'file-text', 'paste', 'pencil', 'print', 'shield', 'certificate', 'volume-up', 'volume-down', 'volume-off', 'soccer', 'star', 'table', 'phone', 'font', 'bold', 'italic', 'strikethrough', 'subscript', 'superscript', 'underline', 'align-center', 'align-justify', 'align-left', 'align-right', 'columns', 'indent-left', 'indent-right', 'list-bullets', 'list-numbers', 'sun', 'world', 'wrench', 'menu', 'more-vertical', 'edit', 'copy', 'move', 'download', 'log-in', 'log-out', 'th', 'translate', 'minus-square', 'plus-square', 'filter', 'fast-backward', 'arrow_in', 'table_sort', 'emoticon_smile'])

Mapping for Font Awesome

Put it there when it is not up to date: https://github.com/xwiki/xwiki-platform/blob/master/xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-icon/xwiki-platform-icon-fontawesome/src/main/resources/IconThemes/FontAwesome.xml

home = home
wiki = globe
space = folder-open
page = file-o
check = check
add = plus
anchor = anchor
terminal = terminal
list = list-alt
branch = code-fork
down = arrow-down
up = arrow-up
left = arrow-left
right = arrow-right
arrows = arrows-alt
repeat = repeat
undo = undo
refresh = refresh
rotate-left = rotate-left
rotate-right = rotate-right
switch = random
random = random
attach = paperclip
shopping-cart = shopping-cart
bell = bell
trash = trash
bomb = bomb
book = book
bullet_black = circle
cube = cube
cubes = cubes
briefcase = briefcase
bug = bug
building = building
caret-down = caret-down
caret-up = caret-up
caret-right = caret-right
calculator = calculator
calendar = calendar
camera = camera
remove = times-circle
cross = times
car = car
truck = truck
chart-bar = bar-chart-o
chart-organisation = sitemap
cloud = cloud
clock = clock-o
cog = cog
comment = comment
comments = comments
desktop = desktop
contrast = adjust
eject = eject
step-forward = step-forward
step-backward = step-backward
fast-forward = fast-forward
backward = backward
play = play
pause = pause
stop = stop
gamepad = gamepad
credit-card = credit-card
coffee = coffee
cut = cut
database = database
delete = minus-circle
floppy-disk = floppy-o
glass = glass
drive = hdd-o
envelope = envelope-o
warning = exclamation-triangle
error = exclamation-circle
info = info-circle
eye = eye
rss = rss
female = female
male = male
film = film
flag = flag
search = search
search-plus = search-plus
search-minus = search-minus
folder = folder
user = user
group = group
heart = heart
heart_empty = heart-o
question = question-circle
image = image
key = key
keyboard = keyboard-o
lightbulb = lightbulb-o
link = link
unlink = unlink
lock = lock
unlock = unlock
money = money
dollar = dollar
euro = euro
gbp = gbp
yen = yen
music = music
file = file
file-white = file-o
file-pdf = file-pdf-o
file-code = file-code-o
file-archive = file-archive-o
file-word = file-word-o
file-excel = file-excel-o
file-powerpoint = file-powerpoint-o
file-text = file-text-o
paste = paste
pencil = pencil
print = print
shield = shield
certificate = certificate
volume-up = volume-up
volume-down = volume-down
volume-off = volume-off
soccer = futbol-o
star = star
table = table
phone = phone
font = font
bold = bold
italic = italic
strikethrough = strikethrough
subscript = subscript
superscript = superscript
underline = underline
align-center = align-center
align-justify = align-justify
align-left = align-left
align-right = align-right
columns = columns
indent-left = indent
indent-right = outdent
list-bullets = list-ul
list-numbers = list-ol
sun = sun-o
world = globe
wrench = wrench
menu = bars
more-vertical = ellipsis-v
edit = edit
copy = copy
move = external-link
download = download
log-in = sign-in
log-out = sign-out
th = th
translate = language
minus-square = minus-square
plus-square = plus-square
filter = filter
fast-backward = fast-backward
arrow_in = window-minimize
table_sort = sort
emoticon_smile = smile-o

Mapping for Silk

Put it there when it is not up to date: https://github.com/xwiki/xwiki-platform/blob/master/xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-icon/xwiki-platform-icon-ui/src/main/resources/IconThemes/Silk.xml
and there:

home = house
wiki = world
space = folder
page = page_white_text
check = accept
add = add
anchor = anchor
terminal = application_osx_terminal
list = application_view_list
branch = arrow_branch
down = arrow_down
up = arrow_up
left = arrow_left
right = arrow_right
arrows = arrow_out
repeat = arrow_redo
undo = arrow_undo
refresh = arrow_refresh
rotate-left = arrow_rotate_anticlockwise
rotate-right = arrow_rotate_clockwise
switch = arrow_switch
random = arrow_switch
attach = attach
shopping-cart = cart
bell = bell
trash = bin
bomb = bomb
book = book
bullet_black =
cube = box
cubes = bricks
briefcase = briefcase
bug = bug
building = building
caret-down = bullet_arrow_down
caret-up = bullet_arrow_up
caret-right = bullet_go
calculator = calculator
calendar = calendar
camera = camera
remove = cancel
cross = cross
car = car
truck = lorry
chart-bar = chart_bar
chart-organisation = chart_organisation
cloud = weather_clouds
clock = clock
cog = cog
comment = comment
comments = comments
desktop = computer
contrast = contrast
eject = control_eject
step-forward = control_end
step-backward = control_start
fast-forward = control_fastforward
backward = control_rewind
play = control_play
pause = control_pause
stop = control_stop
gamepad = controller
credit-card = creditcards
coffee = cup
cut = cut
database = database
delete = delete
floppy-disk = disk
glass = drink
drive = drive
envelope = email
warning = error
error = exclamation
info = information
eye = eye
rss = feed
female = female
male = male
film = film
flag = flag_blue
search = magnifier
search-plus = zoom_in
search-minus = zoom_out
folder = folder
user = user
group = group
heart = heart
heart_empty = heart_empty
question = help
image = image
key = key
keyboard = keyboard
lightbulb = lightbulb
link = link
unlink = link_break
lock = lock
unlock = lock_open
money = money
dollar = money_dollar
euro = money_euro
gbp = money_pound
yen = money_yen
music = music
file = page
file-white = page_white
file-pdf = page_white_acrobat
file-code = page_white_code
file-archive = page_white_compressed
file-word = page_white_word
file-excel = page_white_excel
file-powerpoint = page_white_powerpoint
file-text = page_white_text
paste = paste_plain
pencil = pencil
print = printer
shield = shield
certificate = rosette
volume-up = sound
volume-down = sound_low
volume-off = sound_none
soccer = sport_soccer
star = star
table = table
phone = telephone
font = font
bold = text_bold
italic = text_italic
strikethrough = text_strikethrough
subscript = text_subscript
superscript = text_superscript
underline = text_underline
align-center = text_align_center
align-justify = text_align_justify
align-left = text_align_left
align-right = text_align_right
columns = text_columns
indent-left = text_indent
indent-right = text_indent_remove
list-bullets = text_list_bullets
list-numbers = text_list_numbers
sun = weather_sun
world = world
wrench = wrench
menu = bullet_arrow_down
more-vertical = bullet_arrow_down
edit = page_edit
copy = page_copy
move = page_go
download = application_put
log-in = user_go
log-out = user_go
th = application_view_tile
translate = page_white_world
minus-square = bullet_toggle_minus
plus-square = bullet_toggle_plus
filter = find
fast-backward = control_rewind
arrow_in = arrow_in
table_sort = table_sort
emoticon_smile = emoticon_smile


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