Roles Definition

  • The purpose of the Roles is to provide a simple, descriptive way of setting rights
  • Roles will be an extension that can be added on top of the Rights module
    • Additional tabs will be displayed upon installing the extension
  • Roles will be defined at the Global level
    • We don't support the farm use case or defining roles at any level (for simplicity reasons)
  • Roles can be seen as right groups, implying a set of rights
    • One of the advantages is easy reuse
  • Because of different targeted entities we display the roles in 3 categories: Global, Wiki and Page
  • Role names should be self descriptive

Global Administration

  • We will not support a 1-1 representation with the rights
    • Initial roles will be provided
    • Users will be able to define their own roles
    • Any rights configuration that is not covered by a role will be displayed as 'Custom'

Wiki Administration

  • Depending on the level just a subset of roles will be available

Page Administration

  • 'Creator' role is a non-deletable role that will be displayed in order to justify the implied 'Delete' right
  • 'Can view' and 'Can view & edit' roles will restrict the view and edit just explicit set users/groups
  • We should identify and provide the most used right use cases as roles


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2017/05/22 16:35

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