• Open XWIKI-2184 "rights" access level
  • Open XWIKI-12782 Administration: Rights should have a save button
  • Open XWIKI-13786 Accessibility problem with rights management's checkboxes states
  • Open XWIKI-6297 UI to check document rights requirements, and to offers to fix the missing requirements when possible
  • Open XWIKI-9681 Empty groups can still have hidden rights applied, but not displayed in the UI
  • Open XWIKI-13403 Allow to easily see the rights that apply to a page and where they are inherited from


This proposal is composed of 3 independent sub-proposals: 

Rights Improvements

Read the full Rights proposal.

UC: Compacted Users and Groups display
UC: Displaying just Users that have rights set, instead of all instance users
UC: Better display of the default/inherited/implied right values
UC: Auto fill the implied rights when they are a consequence of an explicit right

Check Rights

Read the full Check proposal.

UC: Display the rights priority order in a particular location for a particular user/group in a summary
UC: Rights will be displayed recursively for each level contained by the location
UC: Rights will be displayed for each group that the user is part of


Read the full Roles proposal.

UC: Roles are a descriptive simple way of setting rights
UC: Roles are translated into rights
UC: Roles are set at Global level
UC: Roles are simpler to reuse since you define the contained rights just once for all the subwikis


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2017/03/30 10:20

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