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1 The aim of this proposal is to list the most common needs for applications in XWiki and offer a set of generic macros that answers them.
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4 I have put users in a separate category. I think users deserve a special treatment as they are more that content-holding XObjects and are used for a very specific purpose.
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7 == What's a XWiki application? ==
9 A XWiki application as defined here is a set of pages that lets users enter content in the wiki using a custom page template. Here are examples of XWiki Applications we built for our customers:
11 * An application that manages product sheets
12 ** Each product has its own product page. A product has the following fields: name, pricing, image, description, sales pitch
13 ** Users can create new product sheets and edit existing product sheets
14 ** Users can search for a specific product
15 * A meeting notes application
16 ** When users go to a meeting, they create a meeting record with the following information: date, participants, topic, discussion content, decisions taken
17 ** Users can create new meeting notes & edit existing meeting records
18 ** Users can search in meeting notes
20 In each case, we had to create a custom interface. We need to be able to provide generic interface components to cater for the most common use cases. I've listed the application use cases below.
22 == What comes with every application ==
24 === No generic answer yet ===
26 * Create a new document with an XObject
27 ** We need a standard creation form
28 * Display a document with an XObject
29 * List documents with a given XObject
30 ** Standard way to display documents from a list
31 ** Browse the application's documents
32 ** See [[this page for a live example>>]]
33 * Edit a document holding an XObject
34 * Search for documents holding an XObject
36 === Generic answer available ===
38 * Dialog boxes ("Are you sure you want to delete...")
39 ** Default dialog boxes could be improved
40 * Display macros (info, error, warning)
41 ** Current macros could be improved, new macros created
42 * Tag a document
43 * Delete a document
44 * Add comment to a document
45 * Attach file to a document
46 * Compare 2 versions of a document
47 ** The diff could be improved to be cleaner

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