The aim of this proposal is to list the most common needs for applications in XWiki and offer a set of generic macros that answers them.

I have put users in a separate category. I think users deserve a special treatment as they are more that content-holding XObjects and are used for a very specific purpose.

What's a XWiki application?

A XWiki application as defined here is a set of pages that lets users enter content in the wiki using a custom page template. Here are examples of XWiki Applications we built for our customers:

  • An application that manages product sheets
    • Each product has its own product page. A product has the following fields: name, pricing, image, description, sales pitch
    • Users can create new product sheets and edit existing product sheets
    • Users can search for a specific product
  • A meeting notes application
    • When users go to a meeting, they create a meeting record with the following information: date, participants, topic, discussion content, decisions taken
    • Users can create new meeting notes & edit existing meeting records
    • Users can search in meeting notes

In each case, we had to create a custom interface. We need to be able to provide generic interface components to cater for the most common use cases. I've listed the application use cases below.

What comes with every application

No generic answer yet

  • Create a new document with an XObject
    • We need a standard creation form
  • Display a document with an XObject
  • List documents with a given XObject
  • Edit a document holding an XObject
  • Search for documents holding an XObject

Generic answer available

  • Dialog boxes ("Are you sure you want to delete...")
    • Default dialog boxes could be improved
  • Display macros (info, error, warning)
    • Current macros could be improved, new macros created
  • Tag a document
  • Delete a document
  • Add comment to a document
  • Attach file to a document
  • Compare 2 versions of a document
    • The diff could be improved to be cleaner


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2013/11/06 13:03

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