• Requirement: a new XClass picker in object edit mode
  • Current issues:
    • Not scalable
    • Issues with Nested Spaces, broking the alphabetical listing of the classes
    • No description for classes
    • No categories for classes
    • No way to filter or have an autocomplete
      • No highlight of the searched word
      • No ability to search in the name, title or class description
    • No preview for the end result
    • No listing for related classes
    • No link to the class documentation
    • No consistency in the way we add different entity types

Class Modal


  • Using a modal instead of the select in order to add more functionality (filters, etc.) and details (description, etc.)
  • Use a link to launch the modal
  • Display per Class:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Categories
    • Page Reference (needed for filtering and development / documentation reference)
  • Display the total count of classes


  • Display how many classes and in a particular category
  • Some classes might have multiple categories they could fall in
  • Proposed Categories:
    • Development
      • used by developers to create applications
      • Examples: XWiki.TranslationDocumentClass, XWiki.WikiMacroParameterClass, XWiki.WikiMacroClass, XWiki.JavaScriptExtension, XWiki.StyleSheetExtension, XWiki.UIExtensionClass, XWiki.ClassSheetBinding, AppWithinMinutes.* (fields), XWiki.SheetClass, etc.
    • Look & Feel
      • common usage for styling
      • Examples: XWiki.XWikiSkins, FlamingoThemesCode.ThemeClass, IconThemesCode.IconThemeClass, Menu.MenuClass, Panels.PanelClass, XWiki.XWikiSkinFileOverrideClass, etc.
    • Configuration
      • classes that hold application / wiki configurations
      • Examples: XWiki.XWikiPreferences, XWiki.ConfigurableClass, XWiki.XWikiRights, XWiki.XWikiGroups, XWiki.SearchSuggestSourceClass, AnnotationCode.AnnotationConfig, PanelsCode.NavigationConfigurationClass, XWiki.UserProfileSectionsClass, etc.
    • Applications
      • usage and user created
      • Examples: TourCode.StepClass, Help.Applications.Contributors.Code.ContributorsClass, AnnotationCode.AnnotationClass, XWiki.XWikiComments, XWiki.TagClass, etc.
    • All, Other


  • Allow filtering in the title, description, name, category
  • Highlight the searched word in the appropriate location

Modals Consistency

  • Gadgets and Macros use this type of Modal for selection
  • We could extend this interaction style to Classes, Panels, Templates, Color Themes, Properties, etc.
  • Currently we have:
    • 104 classes
    • 51 macros / gadgets
    • 33 panels
    • 22 color themes
    • 16 property types
    • 8 templates
    • 2 icon themes





Modals Preview

  • The list display can be extended to include icons, images or even live previews (rendered or using the PDF export)




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