Create a new Macro browser system including a macro live preview and an XWiki integrated edit UI which would allow pickers. This feature would use a Simple and Advanced mode.






UC: Name, description and categorisations of macros are kept from the existing content.
UC: Each macros has an image to define it.
UC: If no image is setup for a macros a default macro image is used.
UC: Users can search into macro titles and macro descriptions. The search filter the displayed results.
UC: When the search is used, the picked category is set to all.
UC: The browser macro is rendered as an xwiki page in a pop-in using 2 steps :
  • Pick a macro
  • Setup a macro
UC: A preview with the default parameters is generated when entering the step 2.
UC: The preview updates depending on the macro selected and the parameters entered when using the "update" button.
UC: Parameters can be edit in using pickers.
UC: Editing a macro sent you to step 2 of the macros browser (macro setup) without being able to go back to step 1 (macros selector).
UC: Advance/dev macros are only displayed in advanced mode which is set by default for advanced users.
UC: By default a macros is an advanced macros until it's defined as a simple one.


Created by jean coury on 2016/02/24 17:49

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