• Open XWIKI-15180 Allow Enter/Escape key to work with the Add Entry popup
  • Reopened XWIKI-10464 Remove Edit button in edit and preview mode for 'Simple' users
  • Closed XWIKI-13078 Create an extension point for the "Content Menu" area
  • Open XWIKI-8940 Make the Actions panel from the home page of an app created with AppWithinMinutes extensible
  • Open XWIKI-7921 Add 'Create Panel' functionality inside Panel Wizard in Administration
  • Open XWIKI-10954 "Panel Title" field is not aligned with "Create" button
  • Closed XWIKI-6548 Extensible "Add" top menu section
  • Open XWIKI-6675 Inconsistencies in the use of the terms "Add" versus "Create"
  • Closed XWIKI-13801 In the Create step, provide a request parameter in order to preselect the Page Template
  • Closed XWIKI-14310 Propose and pre-select "recommended" templates in the create UI based on the current location



 AWM "add entries"


  • O: Find a way of avoiding to have 2 "Add" entries ("+" and "Add new entry")
  • O: Users will use the AWM entries
  • O: when the AWM is completed, the users sees : "+" button and "add a new entry". If he presses "+" he will be proposed to create a new page that will not correspond to the needn of creating a new entry of the AWM. That is confusing.


  • Careful on the difference between Structured Pages, AWM, Templates and Applications
  • Apply the standard also to "Create Wiki", "Panels", "Templates", "Users", "Wikis", etc.


  • Remove the AWM "Add" action and rely only on the "Create" button
  • Improve the Create Templates section by preselecting a template depending on which space / application you are using
  • See if some templates can be prioritize


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2017/03/31 14:11

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