• (H1) When creating a new page, users think first at the page type (so it should be presented first)
  • (H2) New-time users will test multiple templates, while the long-term users usually create black pages





  • 'Templates' in a separate column
  • Consistent with 'Create wiki' 2 columns layout + 'Template' positioning
  • Consistent with 'Move/Copy' 2 columns layout

A2: Type, Position, Title

  • According to H1, having Type as first item to fill
  • delete Harder to long-time users to fill in the Page Title
  • delete The 'Create' button can get below the fold (less visible)
  • add Vertical alignment 

A3: Title, Position, Type

  • add Implementation: Keeps the locationPicker macro
  • It's the current version, just in 1 column

'Add more templates' location

A4: Title, Type, Position

  • add Title and Type, being the most changed are displayed first
  • add Location since it can be influenced by Type, is displayed after Type
  • add Location displays constraints from Title and Type, so it summarize them (advanced users can overwrite)
  • delete Implementation: Breaks the locationPicker macro (that groups Title + Location and is reused in several other places)

'Add more templates' location

A5: Type on 2 columns



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