Usability Scenario - Questions and Tasks

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Now we will ask you to do some tasks. In this session we have X tasks. You have 45 minutes time to complete them.

We don't need to finish all the tasks. There are multiple tasks in order to make sure our time will be filled. 

We can end the session at any time. Also, if there is a task that you don't want to finish, we can always go to the next. 


Question Types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Rating Scale
  • Written Response
  • Verbal Responses
UC: What is your first impression of this X? What is this X for?
UC: What can you do on X? What do you think it's for?
UC: What do you like/dislike about X?
UC: If this wasn't a real test, would you X it? Why or why not?
UC: How often do you X?
UC: Were you able to find the X you were looking for?
UC: Which X do you prefer?
UC: How likely are you to return on this X again?
UC: How satisfied were you with the X process?
UC: How useful does this feature seem?
UC: What three words best describe this X?
UC: What questions you have about this X?
UC: What do you think is missing from this X, if anything?


UC: Look around and talk about what you think the X is about: what can you do here, what's it for, what strikes you about it?
UC: What's one thing that you'd want to do on this site? Try to do that one thing.
UC: Pretend you're running behind schedule. As quickly as you can, do X.
UC: Think of something else you'd like to accomplish on the site, and try to do it.
UC: Think of something you want to find on this website. Now try to find it.
UC: Complete the steps necessary to create a new account. Stop after your account has been created.
UC: Use the following credentials to sign in: username=X, password=X. Stop once you have reached the screen that says “X”
UC: View a tutorial that explains how to X. Stop once you have located the lesson and read the first sentence of it.
UC: You want to X. Find out what is the Y for Z.


  • What the task completed successfully?
    • Y / N
  • How difficult was to complete the task?
    • 1 - 5 


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