Usability Scenario - Introduction

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2024/02/26 17:53



We're testing the project that we're working on so we can see what it's like for actual people to use it.

Just to make things clear we are testing the project, not you. You can't do anything wrong here. 

We want to hear exactly what you think, so please don't worry that you're going to hurt our feelings. We want to improve it, so we need to know honestly what you think. 

As we go along, I'm going to ask you to think out loud, to tell me what's going through your mind. This will help us. 

With your permission, we're going to record the computer screen and what you have to say. The recording will be used only to help us figure out how to improve the project, and it will be seen by community members working on the project. 

XWiki is an open source project so this means we are doing everything in the open and we value each contribution. With your permission we would like to mention your name on our Hall of Fame.


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