Usability Scenario #4 - User#1

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  • No problem in editing the Profile information¬†
  • She found interesting the 'Save&Continue' and 'Save&View' buttons and knew how to used them without problems
  • Used 'Search Suggest' to locate the Marketing wiki

Points of Confusion

  • 'Wiki'-'Space'-'Page' concept
    • The folder icon used for 'Spaces'
    • It was not very clear the 'wiki-space-page' hierarchy
    • It's not only about the hierarchy, but also difficult to understand the concepts and differences between them
      • When asked to create a page with a certain content, she tried to add the content to the 'Create Wiki' - 'Description' area
    • Did the tasks using only page and wiki concept
  • Looking for 'New' instead of 'Add'


Critical issues

  • Difficult to understand that you need to 'Join the wiki' in order to be able to edit
    • If you didn't joined the wiki, the 'Add' options are not available
    • This lead to making the user go to the wiki where he has rights in order to create pages

Less-than-critical issues

Some minor issues

  • Clicked initially on 'Registered' and then she logged-in. This redirected to the 'Registration' page where she wanted to re-create the user
    • A possible solution could be to redirect after log-in on the Homepage, but this issue affects mostly new-users that don't have a sense of navigation inside XWiki
    • Changing the 'current-page redirect' to 'homepage redirect' could influence in a negative way advanced users


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