Period: Dec 2018 - Jan 2019
Interviewees: 3 members of the community (18 - 35 years old)
Version: XWiki 10.10
Target: Beginner Admin
Features: Page, Administration
Type: Tasks
Duration:1:00 - 1:30 hours

Tasks Status

Participant T1 1 T2 2 T3 3 T4 4 T5 5 T6 6 T7 7 T8 8 T9 9 T10 10 
User#1BXWiki 10.10bullet_green S< 3 minbullet_green M< 10 minbullet_green S< 3 minbullet_green S< 3 minbullet_green S< 3 minbullet_red H-bullet_green S< 3 minbullet_green M< 3 minbullet_green S< 1 minbullet_green S< 5 minbullet_green S< 5 min
User#2MXWiki 10.10bullet_green S< 1 minbullet_red H< 10 minbullet_green S< 1 minbullet_green S< 3 minbullet_green S< 3 minbullet_red H-bullet_green S< 1 minbullet_green S< 1 minbullet_green H< 1 minbullet_green S< 3 minbullet_green H< 10 min
User#3B - MXWiki 10.11bullet_green S< 1 minbullet_green M< 3 minbullet_green S< 1 minbullet_green S< 3 minbullet_green S-bullet_orange M< 10 minbullet_green S< 1 minbullet_green S< 1 minbullet_green S< 1 minbullet_green S< 5 minbullet_green S< 5 min 

Averagebullet_green S<1 minbullet_orange M<7
bullet_green S<1 minbullet_green S<3 minbullet_green S<3 minbullet_red H<10 minbullet_green S<1 minbullet_green S<1 minbullet_green M<1 minbullet_green S<4 minbullet_green M<6 min

User#4B-MXWiki 11.5 bullet_green < 1 min bullet_green < 5 min bullet_orange M  < 3 min bullet_green < 1 min bullet_green < 1 min bullet_orange < 5 min bullet_green < 1 min bullet_orange < 10 min bullet_green < 5 min bullet_orange < 5 minbullet_red < 10 min

Hypothesisbullet_white <3 minbullet_white H<10 minbullet_white M<3 minbullet_white S<1 minbullet_white S<3 minbullet_white M<5 minbullet_white S<1 minbullet_white M<3 minbullet_white S<1 minbullet_white H<5 minbullet_white M<5 min
Desiredbullet_white <1 minbullet_white S<1 minbullet_white S<3 minbullet_white S<1 minbullet_white S<1 minbullet_white M<3 minbullet_white S<1 minbullet_white S<1 minbullet_white S<1 minbullet_white M<3 minbullet_white M<3 min

Legend: bullet_white Not started bullet_green Success bullet_orange Partial bullet_red Fail S = Simple / Easy, M = Medium, H = Hard;  B = Beginner, M = Medium, A = Advanced

Tasks Analysis


2 / 10 Tasks with major difficulties or unable to complete:


2 / 10 Tasks with medium difficulties:


6 / 10 Tasks Successful:

  • T1: Log-in
  • T3: Create user
  • T4: Create page
  • T6: Page relations
  • T7: Adding attachments
  • T9: Adding rights
  • T5: Advanced editing - Table


Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-16039 Provide a direct place to change the logo from Administration
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-16023 Cannot replace the default logo.svg when changing the theme's logo
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-15198 Skin logo doesn't change with the new Color Theme


  • The average time to complete this task is very high (average 7min) and users might abandon it and get frustrated.
  • The flow needs simplification.
  • Confusion between Skin and Theme.


UC: Provide a direct place to change the logo from Administration

T5: Advanced editing - Chart


Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-16040 The Chart macro doesn't have good default values for its parameters
Issue type Issue stateCKEDITOR-201 Add icons in the Macro selector


  • Users don't know what values to fill for the macro parameters. 
  • Ideally, they would just press "Insert" and adjust later; or have a "Preview" of the values they provide.
  • All users mentioned that they would need to read the documentation first.
  • One user wanted to right-click the editor content and using a table selection to add a chart macro.
  • 2 users mentioned that they expect something similar to the Office Word behaviour.


UC: Provide good defaults for the macro parameters.
UC: Provide a preview for the available macros.

T7: Adding attachments


Issue type Issue stateCKEDITOR-262 Improve the editor's image upload modal
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-16046 Auto-hide the attachments upload status


  • Some confusions on the way images are attached from the WYSIWYG editor.
  • One user didn't knew she needs to press the "Send it to the Server" button in order for the image to be uploaded. Kept pressing the modal's "Ok".


UC: Improve the editor's image upload modal.
  • Use "Upload" verb instead in order to be consistent with the Tab name. Also provide a primary button state for the action.



T8: Creating navigation


XWIKI-15962 Asynchronous panels generate external URLs
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-16043 Consistency between Breadcrumb and Navigation Panel for the Home entry


  • The majority of users tested were satisfied with the Navigation Panel and didn't felt the need to create Menus. 
  • Confusion between Panel and Menu.


UC: Consistency between Breadcrumb and Navigation Panel for the 'Home' entry
  • One user was confused about the alphabetical sorting and expected the "Home" entry to be always first, and marked accordingly:



T9: Adding rights


Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-12782 Administration: Rights should have a save button
XWIKI-16002 The "Help - Support" panel isn't correctly rendered in a closed wiki


  • Confusion between Rights: Page & Children and Rights: Page.
    • We got one comment that we should rename the entry to "Page & People" or "Page & Users" instead of "Page & Children".
  • Comment about having a "Save" button when setting the Rights.


  • Users set the rights, but they were not very sure that what they did will have the expected behaviour.
  • Confused about giving Deny for the Admin user and what effect that will have. 
  • Confused if adding some rights will have effects on other users.
  • See related proposal Rights Checker.

T10: Installing extension


Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-16045 Improve "All extensions" button from Extension Manager


  • #59: Notification bell is not marked differently when Silk Icon Theme is used
  • #26: Translation console warning for Mocca Calendar Macro 
  • #27: Better differentiate the purpose of the two macros provided by the Calendar app 
  • #28: Calendar macros are accessible / usable even if the license has not been activated
  • #29: Using the 'moccacalendar' macro breaks the JavaScript on the page


  • We got a comment that the "Application" term would be better than "Extension".
  • After the extension is installed, the user is confused on where is supposed to go next:
    • The application is not added to the AppBar and refreshed automatically.
    • There is no button in Extension Manager to encourage the user to go to his newly installed application.


  • One user pressed "All Extensions" button when wanting to "Search" for extensions names. The proximity and position of the "All Extensions" button can cause confusion.




Other User Suggestions

UC: Simplify the interface.
  • For example: remove the "Last modified", "Created by" elements.
    • They could be listed in the "Information" tab.
UC: Update and keep the documentation consistent.
  • For example: inconsistencies between "Administer Wiki" and "Wiki Administration" wording used in documentation causes confusion.

Tasks Description

T1. Log-in

You've been assigned to handle the initial setup of XWiki in order to start gathering your team knowledge.
First thing you need to do is log-in to the wiki.

Make the wiki more cozy by changing the default logo with one that your team could identify with.
What other things you'd like to customize?

T3. Create user

Create an user for one of your team members. They will need the credentials after your setup is finished so you should make sure everything will be ready.

T4. Create page

Create a page that will contain the starting point for your team members. Add some basic information in the page that might be useful for them. 

T5. Advanced editing

To your new created page, add more advanced content: like a table or a pie chart displaying 2 sections: 50% and 50%. 

T6. Page relations

Since the page is starting to look crowded, create another page that could hold information.

T7. Adding attachments

Attach a funny image or an important file to your team page so that they will find it when they will need it.

T8. Creating navigation

Make sure the pages you've created are accessible from the main navigation. If not, create a navigation containing your pages, so that your team can easily find them.

T9. Adding rights

Add custom rights to the page with attachments so that only the new user you've created has access to it.

T10. Installing extension

Your team will also need a calendar.



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