Current Issues

  • Users are pressing the "Never" button and don't know how to re-trigger the Distribution Wizard
  • The position of the "Never" button is in the place that it's usually taken by the "Continue" action, so users that are not careful reading the labels, instinctually press the most convenient location


VAR 1: Location

Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-10769 Improve Distribution Wizard step buttons (order, position)
  • We should change the location of the "Later" | "Never" buttons and separate them from the "Continue" step
  • We could change the color of the "Never" button into a danger button, suggesting also with color its special state

VAR 2: Confirmation

  • We could even add a confirmation step for the "Never" button in order to prevent the accidental presses
  • The "Never" and "Later" steps could be more descriptive and less ambigous
  • We could use the a generic "Skip" action to launch the confirmation step
  • Technically, we need to make sure we have all the resources (skin, JS) to add modals in this step

VAR 3: Fallback

  • In case the user pressed "Never", provide a manual relaunch button in Administration. 
  • This button will delete the status.xml and this will make the DW appear on the next restart. Careful on consequences.
  • Might be problematic to implement this solution since it needs control of filesystem files from the UI.
  • The button should be placed somewhere in 'Administration - Extensions - Updater', see related proposal.

VAR 4: Count

  • A solution would be to count the times an admin pressed on the "Later" button
  • After the 3rd time, also show the "Never" button
  • Since the purpose of "Never" is to not annoy the user displaying the DW on each restart

VAR 5: Remove

  • An alternative would be to remove the "Never" button altogether 
  • Since we don't encourage the manual import of XAR and we don't want users to have empty wikis or non migrated content, we could consider that the "Never" use case it's an edge case
  • Var 5.1: Button display configuration
    • We could have a configuration in if the "Never" button should be displayed or not
  • Var 5.2: Force DW
    • On the other hand we could have a configuration that will launch the DW no matter what was pressed. This will control the presence of the DW from configurations and not UI.


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2018/10/17 12:39

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