• Using the same display for both Notifications and Activity Stream
  • Using relative dates (3 hours ago, 3 days ago)



Collapsible Settings

  • The arrow expands the area, allowing for Watch functionality, RSS and Clear
  • The Settings link should still redirect to [Profile]?category=notifications


Collapsible Events

  • Grouped events can be collapsed
  • On hover, events have a background
  • Unread state is marked with a red dot
  • Clicking / Expanding on an item, will mark it as read


Sticky Events

  • Sticky events marked with a special icon and non scrollable (always on top)

SubWiki Events

  • Subwiki is marked in the right of the title
  • Advanced grouping:
    • Count if multiple users
    • Count if multiple instances (10 attachments) 
    • Group if multiple type of event done by the same user (select the icon for the most generic action - edit)

Application Events

  • Apps can submit their own events
  • Use the icon of the app for the identifier
    • Present the action in sub-action items
  • "Upgrade" events come from Extension Manager
  • "Invite" events come from the Wiki app

Social Events

  • Showcasing: mentiones, messages to (user, group, everyone, followers)
  • A different layout than page events, focused on readability of the message



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