There are multiple issues where users had problems understand the way we combine interface and content languages.
This proposal tries to separate the two concepts: interface language and content language, and contains several display variants. 

  • Interface Language
    • is set from Administration - Localization
  • Content Language
    • is set from Edit mode - Document Translations panel
  • Solution
    • Separate the functionality in two controllers
      • One that manages the interface language found near the global actions
      • One that manages the content/document language found in the content area


Interface Language

Var 1.1

  • Inside Main Menu
    • as a menu entry inside #xwikimainmenu

Content Language

Var 2.1

  • Near the title, after 'Last modified' information
    • inside .document-header
  • Enumeration

Var 2.1.1

  • Using Bootstrap .label styling

Var 2.1.2

  • Simplified styling just with links

Var 2.2

  • Near the title, after 'Last modified' information
    • inside .document-header
  • Select style

Var 2.2.1

  • Button style

Var 2.2.2

  • Link style

Var 2.2.3

  • Text style

Var 2.3

  • In the content menu area as an individual menu

Var 2.4

  • Inside 'More actions' submenu



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