Drop down on "+" Menu + Admin UI to select some templates


  • L: This would allow to specify a ordered set of templates that would show up with you click on +


  • Provide a link to manage the templates after the Templates list


Solution 1

  • Modal when clicking on '+' that suggest a list of Administrator selected templates
    • - Not scalable
    • - You cannot change the location or the options (terminal, etc.)
    • You need to know the page name

Solution 2

  • Improve the Create Template's display by showing preview's with them

Solution 2.1

  • Manual attach a screenshot of the template

Solution 2.2

  • Automatically generates previews using the PDF Export

Solution 3

  • Provide an easy way to transform a page into a template
    • In the Content Menu, as action
    • In Edit panels, as checkbox

Solution 4

  • Change the Create page layout, to first ask for Type

Solution 5

  • Random generated page names / titles


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2017/03/31 15:09

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