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This is a temporary list used for testing all extensions available on http://extensions.xwiki.org and to share the work between Andreea and Manuel.

ExtensionExtension versionLast tested with XE: OtherTester
 Selenium Application 1.1 6.0.1 Reported bugs on Jira (see the table below) Andreea & Manuel
 Photo Album Application 1.0 5.2 http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XAPHOTO
Updated images + content
 MindMap Application 1.0 5.2http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/MindMap+Application#Comments Andreea
Old ToDo Application 1.2 6.0.1http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Todo+Application#Comments Andreea
Bulletin Board Application Updated images  Andreea
Polls Application 1.0-RC-26.0.1 http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XPOLLAPP
Updated images
Extended Todo Application 1.3.1 6.0.1Updated images and text http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Extended+Todo+Application#Comments Andreea
Recruitment Management Application Updated images and text - the app has a new version Andreea
 Video Macro 1.4 6.0.1 Updated images + description Andreea
 Map Macro 1.1 6.0.1 Updated images Andreea
Colibri Navigation Header Mod Application1.06.0.1

The page XWiki.ColibriNavigationHeaderMod must be hidden
After install the app the Search box and the logo aren't properly displayed
I couldn't find a way to change the tabs

Multipage Export Application1.26.0.1

Translation object must be added to MultiPageExport.Translations
Technical docs must be hidden
App Panel entry missing
Some docs are orphan
When exporting as HTML you get "Error number 4001 in 4: Error while parsing velocity page /templates/titlevars.vm" for Sandbox.WebHome
When exporting as PDF you get a blank page

Space Explorer Panel Application1.16.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Todo Macro1.06.0.1Recently modified by Caty (she added new screenshots)Andreea
PDF Export Panel Application1.16.0.1Updated imagesAndreea
Semantic Tagging Application1.0-Probably the app is no longer supported by XE - http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Semantic+Tagging+Application#CommentsAndreea
Tabs Macro1. images and textAndreea
SVN Application1.46.0.1Images and text were updated by Raluca S. I updated the images syntaxAndreea
Freemind Application1.06.0.1Images and text were updated by ManuelAndreea
Log Application1.06.0.1Updated textAndreea
Calc Macro1.16.0.1Updated imagesAndreea
Remote Code Macro1.06.0.1Updated textAndreea
Reader Application1.0-rc-16.0.1Updated textAndreea
Ratings Application1.
Updated images
PlantUML Macro1.16.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Cracker ColorTheme1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Peony ColorTheme1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Podge ColorTheme1.
Ice ColorTheme1.
Cut ColorTheme1.
Smoke ColorTheme1.
Orangetea ColorTheme1.
Apple ColorTheme1.
Jeans ColorTheme1.
Space ColorTheme1.
Dynamic Ordered List1.
Skype Macro1.
Jabber Status Macro1., added a screenshotAndreea
DG092 ColorTheme1.
DarkGreen ColorTheme1.
Multiselect custom display1. images syntaxAndreea
Freezer ColorTheme1.
Soft Blue ColorTheme1. imagesAndreea
Soft Orange ColorTheme1. imagesAndreea
Social Login Application2.0.2- images syntaxAndreea
Photo Album Macro1. images syntax, updated imagesAndreea
Activity Ranking Application1.
Query Generator and Query Macro1.
Navigation Menu Wiki Macro1. images syntaxAndreea
Gravatar Macro1.
CitationBox Macro1.
Move of Delete users from Group Application1. updatedAndreea
PDF Macro3.
Syntax Highlighting Appplication2.
XSLT Macro1.
Presentation Application1.36.0.1Updated imagesAndreea
Google Apps Integration1.0Is not working with 6.0.1

Missing translations
Faild to execute Velocity Macro

FAQ Application5.
List connected users Macro1.03.2Is not working on 6.0.1 - nothing happenedAndreea
Plover Application0.96.0.1Updated images syntaxAndreea
Chat Application0.16.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Audio Player Macro1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
GitHub Commit Application1.

Doesn't have an Application Panel entry

Oriole ColorTheme1.26.0.1Updated images and textAndreea
Macros Manager Application1.46.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Navigation Menu Config Application1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Bordo ColorTheme1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
BlueSky ColorTheme1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Nature ColorTheme1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Nightfall ColorTheme1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Peach ColorTheme1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Inned Dark ColorTheme1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Default33 ColorTheme1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Objects History Macro1.06.0.1Updated images syntaxAndreea
Attachments Macro1.04.3+The environment prevents the table from loading dataAndreea
YouTube Macro1.16.0.1UpdatedAndreea
XWiki Livetable Excel Export Macro1.8.13.5UpdatedAndreea
GitHub Statistics Application1.46.0.1

Doesn't have an Application panel entry

DBListManager Application1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
LDAP Admin Application5.
Numbered Headings1.16.0.1Updated imagesAndreea
Saved List Exporter App1.36.0.1Updated images syntaxAndreea
References Application1.06.0.1Updated images sytax/ Doesn't hav an Application Panel entryAndreea
Calendar Application + Calendar Plugin1.16.0.1Not working, because the Calendar Plugin (was bundled in XE) it has been removed since it wasn't actively maintained and didn't meet the quality standards required for platform code.Andreea
Packager Application1.0-DeprecatedAndreea
Watchlist Layout Application1.16.0.1

Error (when user install the app from EM): SQL Error: -4850, SQLState: 3F000/ No changes in Watchlist/ Work with earlier XE versions/ XWiki syntax 2.0/ updated images syntax

Emoticon Macro1.02.6 - 6.0.1 (included by default since XE 2.6) UpdatedAndreea
Lightbox Macro1.46.0.1Added new images/ UpdatedAndreea
MBox Macro6.0.1Doesn't have a version/ Is not installable with EM/ Updated imagesAndreea
YUML Macro1.16.0.1Updated imagesAndreea
RSS Aggregator Macro---Andreea
Spoiler Macro1.06.0.1Updated imagesAndreea
Tooltip Macro1. not installable with EM/ Updated images syntaxAndreea
SVG Macro1.36.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Sequence Diagram Macro1.06.0.1Updated images syntaxAndreea
Image Map Macro1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Full Calendar Macro1.06.0.1Updated/You are not able to view the calendar in edit modeAndreea
Contrib Jira Macro6.
Share AWM App1.36.0.1UpdatedAndreea
IP2Country0.96.0.1Updated/ Missing translationsAndreea
Logging App--Already in XWikiAndreea
Hierarchy Macro1.26.0.1Already in XWiki/ Updated images syntaxAndreea
Simple Forum Application1.06.0.1Bad id, expected format is <groupId>:<artifactId>[:<classifier>]/ Can't install the app on 6.0.1/ Updated images syntaxAndreea
MailArchive App0.24.4.1UpdatedAndreea
Remove Document History--Can't be testedAndreea
MultiLingual DBListManager Application1.06.0.1Updated/ Missing translations/Updated imagesAndreea
Add Preview Links1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
RealTime Wiki Editor-6.0.1It's not working on 6.0.1/Updated the pageAndreea
Leiothrix Skin1.16.0.1Updated/ Missing translationsAndreea
SQL Tools1.16.0.1Updated images syntaxAndreea
Task Executor1.03.1UpdatedAndreea
XWiki Macro - PDF Viewer1.46.0.1Updated images syntaxAndreea
File Manager App1.
Meeting App1.
Batch Import App1.14.4-RC-1UpdatedAndreea
XWiki MultipagePdfExport App - Space Export1.04.4-RC-1Updated images syntaxAndreea
Display Edit Form1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
XWiki Table Edit1.16.0.1Updated images syntaxAndreea
Progress Bar App1.26.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Classification Bar App1.
Ideas App1.36.0.1UpdatedAndreea
MotionComposer Macro1.16.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Release App5.
Lucene Search App App5.4.3Already installed in wikiIt's working okAndreea
Diagram App1.
Highlight Macro1.36.0.1Styles are not workingAndreea
AngularJS Phone Demo0.
CRaSH Integration1.05.3M2+UpdatedAndreea
Template Selector for PDF export1.16.0.1Updated images syntaxAndreea
Test Reporting App2.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Encryption App1.26.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Recruitment App2.26.0.1UpdatedAndreea
User Directory App-5.1M1Since 5.1M1 (before that was bundled in XWiki Enterprise's XAR).UpdatedAndreea
Help App-5.1M1Since 5.1M1 (before that was bundled in XWiki Enterprise's XAR).UpdatedAndreea
Flash Macro1.04.5.4UpdatedAndreea
File Manager Xambox1.0.14.5 - 5.0UpdatedAndreea
Hide email from bots macro0.16.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Menu App5.
Multiple Date Selector Custom Display1.03.3RC1Updated images syntaxAndreea
Thumbnail Macro1.16.0.1Updated/ Added a new imageAndreea
Livevalidation Macros1.23.5.1+UpdatedAndreea
User Display Macro1.06.0.1Updated/Need a description in WYSIWYGAndreea
AutoCompletion App2.26.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Collection App1.16.0.1UpdatedAndreea
JW Player Macro2.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
XWiki Pulication Workflow App1.15.2.1UpdatedAndreea
Active Installs Server App5.4.5bundled with XE, XEM-Andreea
Font Awesome Macro1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
User notification UI1.26.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Holiday Request App1.
Task Manager App2.16.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Wave ColorTheme1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Wiki Application5.4.5-Already in XWikiAndreea
WebViewers1.06.0.1Updated/ Added some imagesAndreea
Text Editing WebViewer0. Added some imagesAndreea
Mozilla pdf.js WebViewer0.7.1696.0.1Updated/ Added some imagesAndreea
jQuery Spreadsheet WebViewer0. Added some imagesAndreea
User profile macro1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Attachment Gallery macro1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Mocca Calendar App2.
Weather App1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Forum App1.36.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Calendar Panel App1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
XPoll App1.56.0.1UpdatedAndreea
XWiki Chat App App1.05.2Updated images syntaxAndreea
Equilibrium ColorTheme1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Silverdrop Skin1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Trip Planner1.06.0.1Updated - missing french translationsAndreea
TodoList App1.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
PDF Attachment Viewer3.06.0.1UpdatedAndreea
Reinitialize Sandbox Application0.96.1UpdatedAndreea
File Transfer Application1.05.4.xUpdatedAndreea
Flamingo ColorTheme1.06.1M2UpdatedAndreea

TOC Macro (Radeox)--Updated images syntax/ bundled with XEAndreea
Footnote Macro (Radeox)--Updated images syntax/ bundled with XEAndreea
Put Footnotes (Radeox)--Updated images syntax/ bundled with XEAndreea
Mime Type Image Macro--Updated images syntax/ bundled with XEAndreea
User Avatar Macro (Velocity)--Updated images syntax/ bundled with XEAndreea
Skype Macro (Velocity)--Updated images syntax/ bundled with XEAndreea
Yahoo Macro--Updated images syntax/ bundled with XEAndreea
AIM Macro--Updated images syntax/ bundled with XEAndreea
Flickr Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Flickr Tag Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Flickr User Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Flickr User & Tag Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
MindMap Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Paged View Links Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Google Shared Items Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Display Panel Layout Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Template Macro--Updated images syntax/ bundled with XEAndreea
Snippet Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Column Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Spoiler Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Iframe Navigation Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Request Structured Documents Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Google Calendar Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Blog Archives Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea

TOC Macro6.16.1Updated images and syntaxAndreea
HTML Macro6.16.1UpdatedAndreea
ID Macro6.16.1UpdatedAndreea
Velocity Macro6.16.1UpdatedAndreea
Include Macro6.16.1UpdatedAndreea
Localization Module-4.3M2UpdatedAndreea
Script Macro-6.2M1UpdatedAndreea
Groovy Macro6.2M1 Updated Andreea
Code Macro6.2M1 Updated Andreea
Box Macro6.1 6.1 Updated images and syntaxAndreea
User Avatar Macro6.2M1 Updated images and syntaxAndreea
RSS Macro6.2M1 Updated images and syntaxAndreea
Chart Macro6.16.1UpdatedAndreea
Footnote Macro6.16.1Updated images and syntaxAndreea
Put Footnotes Macro-6.2M1Updated images and syntaxAndreea
Formula Macro-6.2M1Updated images and syntaxAndreea
Python Macro6.2M1 Updated Andreea
PHP Macro6.16.1Updated Andreea
Office Macro-6.2M1Updated images syntaxAndreea
Container Macro-6.2M1Updated images and syntaxAndreea
Info Macro-6.2M1Updated images and syntaxAndreea
Warning Macro-6.2M1Updated images and syntaxAndreea
Error Macro-6.2M1Updated images and syntaxAndreea
Gallery Macro-6.2M1Updated images syntaxAndreea
Panel Macro-6.2M1Not working on 6.0+, add image, updated contentAndreea
WikiWord Transformation--Updated images syntaxAndreea
List Page Backlinks--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Orphaned Pages--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Delete Space--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Camel Case--Updated images & syntaxAndreea
Tag Application-6.2M1Updated images & syntaxAndreea
Chart Macro (Radeox)--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Charting Plugin (Radeox)--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Image Macro (Radeox)--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Blog Application--Updated imagesAndreea
ZIP Explorer Plugin--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Mindmap Sitemap--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Display Tag Cloud-6.2M1Updated images & syntaxAndreea
Changes by user--Updated images syntaxAndreea
XWiki Watch--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Set Parent Value with List--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Select Document to Copy--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Display Only Parent Pages In Space Menu--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Application Manager-6.1Updated imagesAndreea
Rename Space-6.1Updated imagesAndreea
Inline Tag Edition--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Scheduler Application--Updated images, updated contentAndreea
Albatross Skin1.30-Updated images syntax, updated compatibilityAndreea
Search Application-6.1Updated images, updated contentAndreea
List Virtual Wikis--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Watchlist Application-6.1Updated imagesAndreea
Google Map Plugin--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Dodo Skin--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Finch Skin--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Swizzle Plugin--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Toucan Skin--Updated images syntax, updated compatibilityAndreea
Send Page by Email--Updated images syntaxAndreea
RSS Macro (Radeox)--Updated images syntaxAndreea
HQL Query Tester--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Iframe Macro--Updated images & syntax, updated contentAndreea
List All Wiki Pahges Creators--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Wiki Spaces Pie Chart--Updated images syntaxAndreea
All Attachments Livetable--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Workstream Application--Updated images syntax/ compatibilityAndreea
Rename Tags--Updated images syntaxAndreea
List Last 10 Comments--Updated contentAndreea
Google Gadget Scaffolding--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Display GeoGebra Applet From Attachment--Updated contentAndreea
Google Gadget Scaffolding--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Webdav Attachment--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Skin Editor Application--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Add Top Menu Entries From JavaScript--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Livetable For All Documents--Updated images syntaxAndreea
ModalBox Applications1.06.1Updated images & syntax, updated compatibility & issues (on the extension page)Andreea
Groovy Console Application2.0-Updated compatibility Andreea
Mktree Application1.0-UpdatedAndreea
Sorted Document Tree Plugin1.0-Updated images syntaxAndreea
Wiki Macro Bridge Application1.0-Updated images syntax Andreea
XWiki To DokuWiki Convertor Plugin--Updated images syntaAndreea
Action Menu Sticky0.16.1Updated compatibilityAndreea
Watchlist Panel Application0.016.1Updated compatibility & image syntaxAndreea
Check Config And Indexes Application1.4UpdatedAndreea
Display Captcha On Registration--UpdatedAndreea
Google Document Viewer Macro1.06.1UpdatedAndreea
Observation Module--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Display Available Icons Module--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Column Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Alternative Page Layout For Colibri--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Programming Right Test Greasemonkey Script--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Invitation Application--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Windows Path Macro1.16.1Updated images & syntaxAndreea
Mediawiki to XWiki Migration Toolkit0.1-Updated images syntaxAndreea
Skywriter1.0-Updated images syntaxAndreea
Spaces Macro--Updated imagesAndreea
Tag Cloud Macro--Updated images & syntaxAndreea
Web IDE Application1.06.1Updated images & syntaxAndreea
Dashboard Macro-6.1Updated images & syntaxAndreea
List All Links--Updated images & syntaxAndreea
Structured Document Index--Updated images & syntaxAndreea
LDAP Tools--UpdatedAndreea
Link to current page--Updated images syntaxAndreea
JMX Access--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Ajax and Show Hide Macro--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Tag Transformation--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Google Android Client--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Gravatar Import--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Google Plus Integration--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Jira Integration--Updated images & syntaxAndreea
XWiki Concerto--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Chronopolys--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Twitter Search--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Sonar Integration--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Nightingale Skin1.0-Updated images syntaxAndreea
Simple Mobile Skin0.4-Updated images syntax and contentAndreea
Resolve Maven POM--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Documents Macro--Updated imagesAndreea
Post a task to Asana--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Debug skin0.13.4Updated/ On 6.1/Mac the app is not workingAndreea
Lyrebird skin--Updated images syntaxAndreea
XOrange skin--Updated images syntax & compatibilityAndreea
Check Rights For A User On A Page--Updated images & syntaxAndreea
Subwikis To Workspaces Conversion Application--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Batch Import API1.1-UpdatedAndreea
List Code Macro Languages--Updated imagesAndreea
Size of XE Distributions--Updated imagesAndreea
XWiki Mobile Application--Updated imagesAndreea
REPL Console Application0.1.06.1UpdatedAndreea
XWiki Eclipse--Updated images syntaxAndreea
Export My Modifications1.16.1UpdatedAndreea
Speech Wiki0.26.1Updated compatibility & images syntaxAndreea
Success Macro-6.1Updated images & syntaxAndreea
Lyrics Macro1.016.1UpdatedAndreea


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