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XWiki Cycles

 Cycle  Period  Summary ORG Blogs COM Blogs Survey  Dashboards
11.x2019?Highlights of the XWiki 11.x Cycle???
10.x2018 Summary of the XWiki 10.x CycleHighlights of the XWiki 10.x Cycle?XWiki 10.x CycleXWiki 10.x Timeframe XWiki 10.x AnalysisXWiki 10.x v.s 9.x Timeframe
9.x2017Summary of the XWiki 9.x CycleHighlights of the XWiki 9.x CycleTop 10 New Features in XWiki 9.x/XWiki 9.x CycleXWiki 9.x TimeframeXWiki 9.x Analysis
8.x2016Summary of the XWiki 8.x CycleHighlights of the XWiki 8.x Cycle//XWiki 8.x CycleXWiki 8.x TimeframeXWiki 8.x/
7.x2015Summary of the XWiki 7.x CycleHighlights of the XWiki 7.x Cycle//XWiki 7.x Cycle/XWiki 7.x/
6.x2014//New features from 4.2.x to 6.2.xXWiki Features Survey 6X Report/
5.x2013/Improvements Review (XWiki 2.4 - 5.1)Speed and Simplicity with XWiki 5.x/XWiki 5.x Cycle/
4.x2012/XWiki Year In Review 201210 features you don't want to miss in XWiki 4.xXWiki 4.x Cycle/
3.x2011 - 2012Top 10 Features introduced in XWiki Enterprise 3.x CycleTop 10 Features Not To Miss In The XWiki Open Source 3.x CycleFeature Survey Status 2009 - 2012XWiki Enterprise 3.x Cycle/
2.x2009 - 2011Top 10 Features introduced in XWiki Enterprise 2.x CycleTop 10 Features Not To Miss In The XWiki Open Source 2.x CycleFeatures Survey 2009 Results/


UC: Create a Cycle 10.x review of features we've implemented - Blog post
UC: Summarise the Top 3 Done Usability issues we've implemented this cycle
  • Which one is your favorite?
UC: Determine what features had most blockers this cycle: reported, resolved issues
UC: Propose next Top 3 ToDo Usability issues we should work on next cycle
UC: Propose next Top 3 Easy Upgrade issues we should work on next cycle
UC: Comparison with 9.x: reported, resolved, etc.
UC: In 10.x timeframe, on what percentage of time did we worked for 10.x features? How is the 10.x timeframe shared with LTS, bugfix, other releases?
UC: What are the percentages of issues types (bugs, improvements, features) we fixed in 10.x features? How many blockers, critical issues we had?
UC: What are the Components that have the biggest workload in this cycle?
UC: What are Top 5 labels (ex. BFD, WCAG, TFD, IE, etc.) we worked during the period? What percentage of issues have been fixed during BFDs?
UC: What are the top reporters? top assignees? What impact did GSOC, Code-in or interns had on issues fixed?



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