Functional Test Libraries

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  • Multi browsers
  • Mobile browsers support


Choice Matrix

LibraryAcceptabilitySupported byGithub linkLicenseProposed by default for VueMulti BrowserMobile BrowserElectron SupportBrowserstack supportVideo RecordingVisual Testing (i.e., screenshots diff)Typescript
WebdriverIOBased on (web)standards. Claims to also support Electron app.Community ( noaccept yes as long as the browser supports w3c webdriver protocolaccept yes accept yes   

Cypress yes

accept yes

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
error partial with Ionic framework, see accept yes, see yesaccept yesaccept yes
Nightwatch yes

accept yes

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
accept with appium, see accept yes   
Playwright Microsoft 2.0accept yes accept see accept yes   
Web Test Runner no       
Selenium JS 2.0cancel no       



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