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Cristal (ex Wiki 3.0, following the naming vote is the code name of a new project to build a new modular wiki UI using modern web technologies, which will support multiple backends (including of course XWiki) to store Wiki data.

This Wiki UI aims to be on par in terms of UI/UX to Notion, support both standard Wiki features but also structured wiki features.

It will be modular and extensible so that in can be embedded in different software and include additional functionalities only supported with advanced backends such as XWiki (for instance structured data).

Technical Architecture

Initial Product Vision Feb 2022

Project Status

XWiki SAS has been selected for research projects which will fund this work (see

All 3 projects have now been signed and the projects are now starting. A project manager has joined XWiki SAS and the collaboration with the other companies is starting.

The project has now started and is in planning/prototypes phase. Ludovic Dubost is working on gathering some user stories for the project and a prototype is being build to experiment architectural solutions.

The prototype work has been published at

2 Developers will start near full time on the project on the 1st of October.

The current roadmap is available on the Roadmap page.


<TBD> describe team

UI/UX Job Offer

A job offer has been launched for a UX Designer to join XWiki SAS and work on both XWiki and this new project.

A UX Designer has been hired and will start end of October.

For reference the offer was here:

Project Information

We have done a internal brainstorming with developers from the XWiki Team and the client team to discuss the needs of the project:


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