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1 {{comment}}$xwiki.ssx.use("xwiki:XWikiOrgCode.Homepage")
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3 #set($docextras = []){{/comment}}{{velocity}}$xwiki.ssx.use("design:ProposalCode.ProposalSheet"){{/velocity}}This wiki is dedicated to feature proposals. The process is the following:
5 * Create a [[JIRA issue>>]] and reference the issue in the design proposal
6 * Create a first version of the design document on this wiki (you should first talk to the stakeholders or anyone interested to participate in the topic)
7 * Then create a brainstorming or proposal post on the [[Forum>>dev:Community.Discuss]] and discuss there
8 * Update the design document based on the feedback received on the forum and update the forum post, until reaching a conclusion
9 * Once approved, implement the design and document it properly, and close the JIRA issue
10 * Mark the design proposal as "Completed"
12 {{include document="ProposalCode.WebHome"/}}

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