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Public Website Flavor

Community Feedback

[xwiki-devs] [Brainstorming] [Flavor] Public Website Flavor http://markmail.org/thread/fgpzoxtdw2jgrrvl (25 Mar, 2013)


The purpose of a Public Website is to share information about a company/product and it's procedures, features, services, etc. It's the on-line presence of a company for it's targeted audience. It provides a mean for information related to the company be viewed (read-only). 

Short Version

The highlights of the Public Website wiki are:


  • Publish a Carousel Extension
  • Publish a Fat footer Extension
  • Publish a Social Badges Macro
  • Publish a Latest Blog Posts Macro

Tasks & Features

Task: Creating Content


Pages are atomic entities of the wiki. They have 'Copy', 'Rename', 'Move', 'Delete' functionality. Also you can manage the 'History' (restore versions), add Attachments to them and manage them with 'Document Index'.

The Public Website Flavor comes with a custom structure that contain sample pages like:

  • 'About'
  • 'Contact us'
  • 'References' / 'Showcase'
  • 'Products'
  • 'Features'
  • 'License'
  • 'Terms of use'
  • 'Privacy'
  • 'Team'

Mandatory   Default Extension Custom


You can edit the wiki page in Syntax mode or WYSIWYG mode, which provides a way to create rich content with ease.
There will be a selection of macros specialized for creating online content that can be embedded inside pages.
Mandatory Default


Templates can be used to enforce a certain page layout and structure in order to make presentation pages consistent throughout the site.
Optional Default


Pages should be exportable in PDF format and for Print.
Optional Default


Macros add extra functionality inside wiki pages. There are certain macro categories, from content formatting to application specific macros. Macro categories need to be customized and specialized for adding on-line content.

Some examples of useful macros:

Mandatory   Default Extension Custom

Task: Organize Information


Spaces are collections of wiki pages. They have separate administration, so they can have independent rights, presentation, backups, etc. 

Spaces organize pages in 'physical' locations, accessible through URLs.
Mandatory Default


Organize your content in hierarchical order by having parent-child relationships. Breadcrumbs displays the position of a page in the documents hierarchy. 

They organize the pages 'logically', across spaces.  
Mandatory Default


Tags can be added to pages to describe and categorize them. Can be visualized in Tag Clouds.

They organize the pages 'logically', across spaces.  
Optional Default

Task: Access Information


Search for content inside pages, comments, objects and also in the content of attachments. You can restrict your search results by using filters based on location, content type, modification date, author, etc.
Mandatory Default


Livetables allow filtering of pages that share common entities. Pages selection can be done for an entire space, wiki, tag, author, etc.
Optional Default

Activity Stream

Activity Stream lets you monitor the activity on pages, comments, attachments, by seing new, edited, deleted content. The Activity Stream is an useful tool highlighting new content and contributors.
Optional Default

Task: Community Interaction


Blogs are used to communicate timely information, like announcements, journal entries, status reports, etc. 

You can host multiple blogs or organize the information using categories and tags.
Mandatory Default


Communication, collaboration or reviewing of the content can be made through comments. Comments can be added to any page, especially blog posts. 

There is an extension that allow users of other social networks to post comments, or there is an option to allow comments be posted by unregistered users. Also comments can be disabled.
Mandatory Default


There are other optional Applications that can be installed in a Public WebSite, like Newsletter Application, Forum, Ratings,Totem
Optional Default Custom

Task: Notifications


Changes and activity notifications are also available in RSS format in order to stay up to date. There are some pre-defined feeds that you can subscribe (activity stream, blog, etc.).
Optional Default


Get informed about wiki modifications with the watch feature. You will be notified by email of any changes to the pages: edit, delete content, comments, attachments, etc.

You can specify the frequency and delay of the e-mails. Also you are automatically subscribed to pages you contributed.
Optional Default

Task: Instance Administration


You can create your own user base and let them authenticate with XWiki credentials.

You can also use our social login application that let's you login using credentials from various social sites, like Facebook, Twitter or Google.
Mandatory Default Extension


There are over 21 language available for your website, depending on the audience you need to handle. Also you can add your own translation or improve a current one.
Optional Default


Public Websites usually have a custom skin in accordance with the company/product brand (logo, colors, etc.)

There is an extension skin designed especially for Public Websites.

The skin needs an Horizontal Menu to contain links to important sections. Also a fat footer should be set in place. 

The Homepage should host a Carousel with the  top offers / products.
Mandatory Default Extension Custom


Prevent information loss by having regular backups, useful also when doing upgrades or moving from one instance to another.
Mandatory Default

Analytics & Statistics

You can get detailed informations about visitors if you enable our Statistics Application or if you enable the Google Analytics tracking.
Optional Default

Task: Security


The whole purpose of a public website is to make information accessible to the audience. Custom rights will be given to Registered and Unregistered Users (like the ability to edit, comment, view, etc.).
Mandatory Default

Spam Protection

The Registration process and the addition of Comments can be protected by using Captchas. Additional security measures are out-of-the-box.
Optional Default

Features Summary

 Feature  Status
WYSIWYG Mandatory    Default    
Spaces Mandatory    Default    
Breadcrumbs Mandatory    Default    
Search Mandatory    Default    
Blog  Mandatory    Default    
Comments Mandatory    Default    
Rights Mandatory    Default    
Backup Mandatory    Default    
Pages (History, Attachments, Document Index)  Mandatory    Default   Extension  1 Custom  
Authentification  Mandatory    Default   Extension 2  
Presentation Mandatory   Default Extension 3 4 5 6 Custom  
Macros Mandatory    Default   Extension 7 8 9 10 11 12 Custom  
Applications  Optional    Extension 13 14 15
Internationalization  Optional   Default    
Templates  Optional   Default    
Export  Optional   Default    
Livetable  Optional   Default    
Activity Stream  Optional   Default    
Tags  Optional   Default    
RSS  Optional   Default    
Watchlist  Optional   Default    
Analytics & Statistics  Optional   Default    
Spam Protection  Optional   Default    
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