The ability to export a single wiki page or a set of wiki pages into several formats.

Interface Components

Flow: 1-2-3 or 2-3 (with saving capability for repetitive operations)

1. Selection Part

  • time consuming 
  • navigational character with macro/micro selection
    • space / page level
    • individual / all selection
  • actions: browse, search, add to list
  • filtering capabilities


  • select multiple wiki documents
  • tabs for: tree, recent pages you've navigated to, search
    • there's no a single way to find information
  • trees: specially for  big wikis (we've seen how the tree behaves)
  • easy filtering, livetable style (Livetable + select all this page, select all matched pages)
    • the good thing of Livetable vs tree is that the livetable scales, the bad part is that you can't navigate hierarchically
    • livetree for the tree tab
    • extensible treeview
  • filter then click add to add all selected pages

2. Package Visualization Part

  • visual confirmation of the selection
  • selection, management and undo actions from the previous part
  • management: delete, confirm
  • priority on:
    • logical relation (hierarchy of the items)
    • addition to list order relation (items appear in the order they were introduced)
    • type relation (show just pages or just spaces )
  • sorting capabilities (or alphabetical order)
  • restore / new package 


  • target list of pages to export
    • aggreated list of spaces/pages to export

3. Export Options Part

  • final part of the process (user need finalization messages)
  • export type selection
  • confirmation of success
  • good defaults for options
  • display option type
  • show selected type
  • available tweaking 
  • save custom options in the same step when saving the list of selected pages


  • PDF export options
    • export them as PDF with their comments, export them as a XAR with backup pack
  • same UI for  PDF, RTF, XAR, etc


  • posibility to change selected page space destination and names? Select pages from 3 different spaces that you want to import in a single space

Export Options

Interaction Considerations

  • general Selection Model that can be also used for Import/Export, Renaming, Copy, Deletion;
  • Checkbox that allow the selection of discontinuous elements
  • Highlight the row in addition to the checkbox to make the selection explicit
    • When an item is selected, mark this by using the $theme.highlightColor;
    • Incorporates both the Toggle Selection and the Object Selection patterns (messages can be selected with checkboxes or by clicking on the row); 
  • When changing the selection view, actions should operate on the items selected in that view
  • offer a "select all" option, also provide a way to select elements across all views 
  • give clear feedback for the number of elements selected
  • if possible, disable unavailable actions when nothing is selected. If you keep the actions enabled, you will need additional interface elements to signal that the action it can't be completed
  • if you allow selection across multiple views, accumulate the selected items in a separate area. This makes the selection explicit when changing the views.
  • Selection:
    • normal checkboxes + actions
    • selectable items on click
    • drag& drop


Created by evalica on 2013/11/12 13:31

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