WCAG 2.0: Dutch implementation (2.x)

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2024/02/26 17:52



1. General Accesibility



2. WCAG guidelines


  • inline styles


  • XWiki Logo - change alt from "XWiki" to "XWiki logo"?


  • Separate the breadcrumb from the action menu - very similar to menu entries
  • Have the same markup for Comments | Attachments | ... in #document-info as in #docExtrasTabsUl
    • integrate the #docextraanchors in #docExtrasTabsUl
  • Use the same markup to represent lists in Panels: "Quick Links" different from "Recent * "


  • <strong id="xwikimenutitle" class="hidden">Top Menu</strong>
    • we should have a special class called WCAG, or another name, to mark accessibility elements
    • we need a "Skin Navigation" link or "Go to content" link (+ appropiate id for the content)
  • we need a "Go top" link for the top of the content and a "Go to navigation" or menu
  • We should add some hidden markers that state that an action is different then the element's title:
    • for ex: ColorThemes         [Space Index] [Space Administration]
    • for ex: WCAG guidelines      [see modifications]
  • Add a #content, #menu , #navigation id's for skipping, linking 


  • Decorative images should be inserted via CSS as much as possible. Informative images should be inserted via HTML.
    • If non-text content is pure decoration then don't use alternative text
      • Remake Dashboard "Space" presentation
        • "Space index" and "Administrate space" are actions, remove the "icon" from the alternative text
        • Remove from the markup "Show minor icon" and "RSS icon", the are decorative, you can access the function from the link


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