Personas contributed by Thibaut Deveraux to discuss the new skin

Here are some examples of personas feedback to introduce it. These are only example, ot generalization of what would think the whoole class of each persona. Also it is made according to my opinion, it does not replace a real study.


He is not used to web and is scared by it.

 Ho my god ! There is too many buttons, is it really usefull ?  I really get lost. Well, if I click here... ok! pfff...
 At middle term I have not maid a real effort so I feel uneasy with it. I dont want to touch the other buttons.
 At long term, ok, I get how it work. I can find what I need. Evrything is there wich is not bad yet I don't really like it.



He is not used to web but has a good will.

 There is a lot of buttons. I feel a little bit lost at first sight. Well, having read the tabs titles I understand it.
 At middle term, when I use it I get a little bit lost because there is a lot of buttons. But I can deal with it and it makes easy to find advanced functions.
 At long term I finaly use it well, and since evrything is there I can deal with advanced functions easily. It is cool...


She is used to web, a little bit geek, yet she rarely use advanced options.

 Hey, so i can find evrything here, cool ! Well, not the most immediate to catch but I feel as it will help me.
 At middle terme I don't use the other buttons very much. In one hand it is good to have it, in an other hand it would be cleared if it was hidden somewhere.
 At long term I don't pay attention to it.


He is a little geek too, and make an intensive use of advanced options:

Well, really nice. Evrything is there, it is clear. Super !
 At middle term i find it to be really nice !
 At long term also !



She is a big geek, use only some of the advanced options

 Ouch, there is a lot of buttons, did they think to beginners ???
 At middle term I get a little worried about beginneers. Web should be simple, it is hurting me. Also I get no use of some of the buttons. I would like to able to delet them so it would clear my view.
 At long term I send a proposition through the mailing list to simplfy it. 

(Irina never had any real problem with it of course.)


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2013/11/11 12:52

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