See incubator for several UI mockups.

Free form description of the extension

Should definitely be more than a plain text but there is several choices for the storing format. Comments associated to extensions also have the same concern.

Any provided syntax

  • pros
    • wiki way
    • allow to do well integrated and nicer description more easily
    • works whatever the client used to displays it (as long as it as an implementation of XWiki Rendering). i.e. does not have to be a browser.
  • cons
    • less safe. But a white list of macro should probably do it, definitely not allow script macros.
    • slower display of the extension description. But not that expensive either since it's not going to be scripts anyway.
    • same than when choosing the font in a browser: it's possible the client does not support the syntax used (client with older version of XWiki etc...).

Server side rendered XHTML output

  • pros
    • safer for the client since there is no transformation (cannot exploit a bug in some macro)
  • cons
    • only work with XWiki Extension Repository
    • content bigger and so more things to transfer in client/server communication





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