• Extension Descriptor format:
    • Name
    • Description
    • Categories (a list of well-known - to be defined - categories/tags that identify the content of the XAR, e.g. "Wiki Macros", "Rendering Macro", "Application", "Skin Extension", etc)
    • Author
    • Version
    • License
    • URL
    • Dependencies (on other Extensions, includes version ranges)
    • Version of XWiki Core required
    • Extra properties (for later extensibility)
  • The Extension Descriptor doesn't need to explicitly list pages since they can be found automatically.
  • Installation scripts: let extension provide install/uninstall/upgrade scripts for custom operations
  • Idea for layout:
    • ROOT/jars/*.jar
    • ROOT/pages/<space>/<page>.xml (translation pages have a suffix with the language appended)



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