This has been done with the Activity Macro.

I often feel like I need to get recent changes from specific places on the XWiki I am using. It would be cool to get a macro that would let someone set up easily a customized What's New page. Here are some features it could have:

Ability to select which spaces and blogs are to be searched for new items, to monitor a specified tag from within the wiki (without an external RSS reader), to sort the results in various ways... Plus a RSS feed on the results, the possibility to write a quick summary of what that specific query does, 

Which would make the macro look like (for instance):

{whatsnew:Title=MyWhatsNew|Summary=A Whats New just for me|Spaces=XWiki, Finance|People=Louis, Robert, Michael|Blogs=Finance|Tags=Derivatives, Fixed Assets|Length=10}

And the resulting page:

SpacePageUserDate & TimeTags
Name of the space where the changed page isThe page itselfThe last user who changed the pageTime & DateTags attached to this page

where you could click on "User", "Space", "Tags" and "People" and get the table sorted for the selected item (alphabetically for tags, most recent for date and so on...).

And it would be great if there was a little window popping out to enter all those values and/or select them from a list (a btit like the link window for the WYSIWYG editor...).


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2013/11/06 13:01

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