The following rules must be followed:

  • the CSS must be valid conform CSS 2.1 specification. This can be tested using the W3C validator
  • don't use inline style declarations
  • don't hard code colors in proprieties - use ColorTheme attributes
  • test your code on at least 3 browsers (IE, FF, Safari)

The following recommendations could be followed:

  • Proprieties:
    • alphabetical order;
    • 2 spaces indentation;
    • use of CSS shorthands;
    • use relative sizes (em, %) instead of fixed ones (px);
    • use appropriate CSS files for writing IE rules;
      • limit as much as possible the number of IE hacks used.
  • Organization:
    • comment headers for separation and grouping of different parts of the code;
  • Overwriting:
    • document the localization of the overwrite using "Overwrites" and "Should be in" comments;

We currently don't have a naming convention



CSS Optimizer and CSS Compressor are two excellent online tools that can shrink CSS.



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