The default XWiki Skins

  A XWiki Enterprise instance contains by default a list of Skins like: 

  • the albatross Skin {svn}
  • the toucan Skin {svn}
  • the colibri Skin {svn} and
  • other skins ( the full list of XWiki Skins that are included in your XWiki Enterprise instance can be found on the server filesystem, inside the webapps/xwiki/skins folder )

A. CSS files

A.1 Independent CSS Components


A.2 Skin Dependent CSS

  • style.css
    • Is the top level style file. It's purpose is to include all the other files. It shouldn't have any other css in there.
  • print.css
    • Formatting for the @media print
  • microformats.css
    • Stylesheet to format the different microformats-enabled pages (user profile, blog, calendar...)
  • files for IE support (ie.css, ie-6.css, ie-all.css, etc)
  • specific css files for every skin (toucan.css, colibri.css, etc)

B. Skin CSS Selectors

CSS API Selectors

Reset CSS -> need to set back the reseted values

B.1 Skins Layout



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