Incomplete Issues

XWIKI-6684 Provide a Space Dashboard template for creating new spaces
XWIKI-6687 Be able to delete a space from the UI

Study: First minutes of usage


XWIKIORG-14 New download page for
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-1761 Implement an installation Wizard for configuring XWiki
XE-101 Installer improvements

Related to installer:

Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6884 Provide more launch details in the console/readme file
XWIKI-6883 Automatically open the browser when launching start_xwiki
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6715 Automatically create xwiki database on first run if it does not exist


  • Idea: Simplify homepage text (engaging, action steps, explain wiki concept and collaboration on pages)
XE-1148 Simplify the 'Tags' section initial text


Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6892 Log-in automatically on registration


XE-880 New XWiki Syntax Guide
XE-1031 Better placement of the documentation link
XE-392 Add a Getting Started guide to XWiki Enterprise
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-4448 Show a link towards documentation in macro insertion dialog

Feature: Help Tutorial on first use

  • Idea: Guide users through the first steps on the wiki
  • Idea: Contextual Help
    Feature: Contextual Help
  • Idea: Tips panel with random/contextual information
  • Idea: Documentation based on the installed version
  • Idea: Revise text on sandbox homepage (less text, easily scanable, more engaging)

Content Creation

New Page behavior

XE-537 Add "Parent" and "Title" fields to Default Class Sheet
XE-907 Page name and page title management improvement
XWIKI-5797 Set current page as parent when creating new page
XWIKI-5374 When the parent is missing set the space WebHome as a parent
XE-897 Add a template to create a dashboard when creating a new page
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-880 When cancelling the creation of a new page the previous page should be displayed
  • Idea:  Page Parent set in the creation step
  • Idea:  Page Title set in the creation step
  • Idea:  Page Title, put the cursor in the title input, not in the content to be more visible
  • Idea:  Change Page Name to Page ID to be less confusing
  • Idea: Add page from Office = option should not be displayed if the server is not set
XWIKI-6409 When in Blog space - add "Blog Post" to "Create" submenu
XWIKI-6513 Current Space in NewPage Panel Seems Unintuitive to Novice Users

Create Space behavior

XWIKI-6684 Provide a Space Dashboard template for creating new spaces

Feature: Create Space Template 
Idea: Offer different templates when creating a new space
Idea:  Looks like a normal page - make it look more like a forge

XWIKI-5399 Auto-create Space.WebHome when creating a page in an undefined space
XWIKI-1918 Add ability to specify a non-existing space when renaming or copying a document
XWIKI-6509 Add space selection combo box to the "Create" Panel


XWIKI-6743 Renaming or copying a page should also rename the title if it was identical to the original document name
XWIKI-6898 Auto-redirect to the new page when doing a rename action without showing the intermediate notification message
  • Idea: Separate "Move" from "Rename" action
  • Idea: "Rename" should delete the doc automatically
  • Idea: "Rename" should redirect to the new page
XWIKI-6700 Copying a page over an existing one does not warn user
XWIKI-1918 Add ability to specify a non-existing space when renaming or copying a document
  • Idea:  Show in the Information tab, infos like:
    • psychical location (Wiki, Space); 
    • logical location (parent, children); 
    • page rights for the current user (needs programming)
    • syntax info
    • statistics
    • editors
  • Idea: Translatable titles
  • Idea: Automatic deletion of pages after a time period from the recycle bin


Feature:  Space Management

  • Idea:  Space Management
    • Related:
      XWIKI-6687 Be able to delete a space from the UI
      XWIKI-6722 Be able to rename a space from the UI
    • Move space to other wiki
    • Copy space to other wiki

Feature: Spaces display

  • Idea:  Space display
    • Idea:  Define what a space is in the Spaces gadget 
    • Idea:  Show/Hide spaces on Spaces gadgets (for simple/advanced users or per user)
    • Idea:  Improved Blacklisted spaces mechanism: Separate in Technical/Predefined Spaces and Users Spaces
    • Idea:  Categorize spaces: user defined groups, applications, etc.
    • Idea:  Have the possibility to add a page in a specific space
    • Idea:  Display the number of containing pages
    • Idea:  Improved page statistics: latest pages, most seen spaces, etc.
      Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-7956 Improvements on Statistics UI
    • Idea:  Other default name for space than WebHome (Space Home)
    • Idea:  Change icon (custom, app)
    • Idea:  My Spaces / My Pages (user generated content) (in Profile)
    • Idea:  Auto-complete of parent when creating a space
    • Related:
      XE-663 Space dashboard does not scale with very large number of documents
XWIKI-5377 Main Space WebHome should be the first entry in the breadcrumbs for all pages
XE-401 Add a "create new page" field at the bottom of the document list on the new Space Dashboard
XE-441 Use the space webhome title to display the space name

Idea:  Pretty name for spaces (titles)


XWIKI-4398 WYSIWYG Link - Wiki Page - Autocomplete the "Label" field with the selected page title
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-1460 Edit area should resize vertically with window height
Issue type Issue stateXRENDERING-208 Creating an internal link to a page (without an explicit label) should use the page's title
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-7723 Better link generation syntax in Wiki edit mode
XWIKI-6935 Cannot change the page parent from "inline" mode
XWIKI-7905 Cannot change document title from "inline" mode
XWIKI-7948 Usability improvements when using macros inside the WYSIWYG editor
XWIKI-8002 Allow 'minor edit' to be set by default
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6927 When leaving the edit mode without saving, notify the user that there are changes he needs to save
  • Idea: Add a warning pop-up in edit mode whenever a modification has been done to a page and an action to leave the page is done (close the window or click cancel)
  • Idea: Determine automatically if a change is major or minor
  • Idea: Paneless edit
  • Idea: Syntax should be near the editor + Help
  • Idea: Improve wysiwyg tables
  • Idea: Auto save for WYIWYG
    XWIKI-8614 Add autosave feature also when editing in WYSIWYG mode
  • Idea: Section Editing
  • Idea: List of included macros (just like include)
  • Idea: Handle concurrent editing
  • Idea: Saving buttons
    Feature:  Handle concurrent editing
    Feature:  Saving buttons 


XE-644 Preview attachments when they are displayable images
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-5400 Have a way to add attachments when the user is in edit mode
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6662 Add a link to delete all the attachments for a document
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-1657 Allow to rename and move attachments
XE-324 Allow special (and Asian) characters in attachments
  • Idea: Automatically appear another input when adding an attachment
  • Idea: Would be nice a multi-select from the browse dialog
  • Idea: Drag&Drop
  • Idea: Pagination
  • Idea: Filters+grouping: images, pdf
  • Idea: File name should not be stripped of characters
  • Idea: Legend Restyled


XE-443 Add a link to get back to the current page from the "view minor revision" page
XWIKI-6731 Document copy should log something
  • Idea: Improve Diff with +/-
  • Idea: Hard on objects, big documents, changes from multiple users
  • Idea: Filters
  • Idea: History should start at 1.0 instead of 1.1
  • Idea: Objects events are using developer language
  • Idea: Is there an Attachment history?
  • Idea: Can't compare two revisions placed on different pagination pages


Generic Navigation

  • Idea: Tree Improvements
    • Operations on the tree: rename, move, delete for pages/spaces
  • Idea:  Breadcrumbs: We could represent the Home with a special Icon
    XWIKI-6018 New floating action menu hides titles in the content of the page when jumping to an anchor
    XWIKI-6908 Differentiate external link from internal link using an icon

Keyboard Actions

Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-4383 Missing default input focus and Enter key handling
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-4516 Create a preference to enable/disable keyboard shortcuts

Document Index

Issue type Issue stateXE-346 Improve AllDocs page
XE-603 Display document titles in the Document Index table
XE-230 Add ability to filter on the date column in AllDocs
Issue type Issue stateXE-63 Mass rollback utility
  • Idea: Add edit as action
  • Idea: Filter for date
  • Idea: Improve Recycle Bin
    • We don't have a restore for Deleted Attachments
    • Replace "Document" naming with "Location"

Quick Links / Panels

Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-5379 Wizard to create and configure wiki menus
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6499 Shouldn't be able to edit panels logged in as a different user from admin
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-7921 Add 'Create Panel' functionality inside Panel Wizard in Administration
  • Idea: Review Quick Links content
  • Idea: "What is Meta?"
  • Idea: Edit panel could be represented in a different manner (text+ icon) or a different position


Feature:  Represent content's menu actions like buttons 

  • Idea: Represent content's menu actions like buttons
  • Idea: Rights should be in global page actions instead of edit
  • Idea: Confusing that we have page actions in two places



  • Idea: Maybe not having panels at all in the Administration
  • Idea: Improve space navigation select
  • Idea: History for preferences - in order to go back to the default settings
  • Idea: Each application should have their own administration
  • Idea: Administration for pages: move Page Rights in this section
  • Idea: Integrate Statistics into administration (wiki, space, page level)
  • Idea: Make a more clearer difference between Wiki and Space Administration
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-7066 Add more/all configuration parameters in the wiki administration
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6292 Template provider section very hard to understand
XWIKI-6301 Interaction not obvious for many configuration fields


XWIKI-2547 Allow to remove the top menu when user is guest
XE-695 Allow to upload a logo from the color theme editor
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-5378 Create wizard to configure the title zone
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-2194 Provide Default Option for the minor edit checkbox
  • Idea: Disable / remove page elements:
    • Creator, last editor
    • Annotations, Comments links
    • DocExtra Tabs
  • Idea: Customize Export Options
  • Idea: Color Themes part of the Administration
  • Idea: Should be modular, good layout separation


Issue type Issue stateXE-769 New Rights UI to make it simpler to use rights

Feature: New Rights UI


Feature: Multipage Export

  • Idea: Multipage Export
  • Idea: Generating PDF:
    • header, footer, front page
    • customize fields, styles, images, etc.
  • Idea: PDF templates
  • Idea: See the progress of the export
  • Idea: Export page with versions
XE-498 Hide "Export as XAR" from Menu if you don't have Admin rights
XWIKI-6281 Profile image exported to PDF in its original size


Feature: Managing Application Translations

  • Idea:  Revamp translations system
  • Idea: Panel Document Translations in Edit mode that uses languages pretty names
  • Idea: Localization for dates
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6402 Separate Interface language and page language settings.
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-69 XWiki Object properties should support translations so that Applications using forms can be internationalized
XWIKI-6488 Create Translation Extensions
XE-974 Backlinks Panel doesn't work nice for WebHome
XWIKI-1326 Rename action lists backlinks from different language versions multiple times
XWIKI-3468 Document information shows documents for each language for childrens and backlinks
XE-680 Language settings from Administration - General are ignored
XWIKI-6313 When enabling multilingual mode, MainPage displays all the languages even if they are not enabled
XWIKI-5550 Page lock during editing

Social Features


  • Idea: Expected to see the maximized version when clicking on the Avatar
  • Idea: Should not be in XWiki space = Users Space
    XWIKI-7462 Improve the Profile breadcrumb to be more user friendly
  • Idea: Can't create a new page as a simple user because I'm in the XWiki space
  • Idea: Can you edit your account name?
    XWIKI-4290 Prevent ability to rename one's own profile page without having admin permissions
  • Idea: Display User's Groups
    XWIKI-1901 See to which groups a user belongs to
  • Idea: Avatar:"Cancel and  Return" should be secondary with Upload as primary button
  • Idea: Preferences: Have the same notations for default options "-" / "default"
    XWIKI-7715 Hard to understand which is the default value for Profile's Preferences entries (edit/view mode)
  • Idea: What "Extra Accessibility Options" means? "Advanced"? (fields tooltips description)
    XWIKI-6307 Add an explanation next to the fields in user profile
    XWIKI-7783 Add hints for class properties in the class editor
  • Idea: Be able to customize it, like adding new fields
    XWIKI-7626 Allow customization of the user profile
  • Idea: Adaptive User Mode
  • Idea: Improve Color Themes and make them accessible to users from their profiles
XWIKI-7059 When editing a User Profile category, after saving the changes, preserve the category tab
XWIKI-6882 Improvements on user changing password: notification, validation, consistency
  • Related:
    XWIKI-5469 Change password feature does not use validation
    XWIKI-6312 Adding a new field "Old Password" to the changing password page to improve security
  • Login Improvements
    XWIKI-6444 Login Page Improvements
    XWIKI-5872 Make login form compliant with our vertical forms standard
    XWIKI-8100 Login page improvements by removing unnecesary elements (menus, panels, etc.) and improving general style

User Management

XWIKI-6305 Keep the current user in the administration application when editing user details
XWIKI-3548 When renaming a user or a group document, access rights are not correct

User Directory

  • Idea: Add the ability to "Add users"
  • Idea: Add "Follow user" action
  • Idea: More columns: email, department, etc.
  • Idea: Add filterable "Groups" for user
XE-432 Improve the user directory and provide a link to it

Message Stream

XWIKI-6728 Have an auto-complete for the User and Group visibility inputs for the Message Stream

Idea: Auto-suggest

Issue type Issue stateXE-951 Messaging UI (Inbox) in user profile

Feature: User Mailbox

Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6729 Specify the receiver of the message stream when the visibility is User or Group
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6730 Be able to reply to message streams
XWIKI-7654 Activity Stream doesn't preserve the white-space (new lines) when displaying messages
  • Idea: What syntax I can add in the textarea?(wiki, html)
  • Idea: Input should have a label to know what is for 
  • Idea: Stream and AS should be 2 different things 
  • Idea: Sent to multiple groups and users 
  • Idea: If the user doesn't exist should say something 


  • Idea: Where do I see a list of users? How do I follow someone?
  • Idea: Needs some filters in order to find the users



XE-923 Implement user dashboard
XWIKI-7681 Improve gadget's container styling in INLINE mode to better suggest dragging and delimitation
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6115 Include instructions on how to drag and drop gadgets.
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6150 When adding or editing the parameters of a gadget, the positions of the gadgets on the dashboard are reset
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6160 Cannot "cancel" adding a gadget on a dashboard, or removing a gadget or editing the parameters of a gadget
  • Idea: Improve dashboards
    • We need better style to delimit gadgets
    • Let the user know he is in a edit special mode
  • More customized, dynamic gadgets
    • Idea: Latest Blog Posts
  • Idea:  Good Defaults for Macros, Profile
    • Parameters are very advanced 
  • Idea: Typed macro parameters
  • Idea: Preview of how the macro looks like 
  • Idea: Dashboards page that displays all dashboards and is linked from the "Quick links" panel

Activity Stream

Issue type Issue stateXE-748 Add option to 'show more entries' on displaying the Activity Stream
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6698 Be able to filter Activity Stream from the UI
  • Idea: More events in activity stream
    • Display restore events for pages
    • Display rename events for pages 
    • Display move events for pages
    • Display user creation
    • Display rollback events
  • Related to AS events:
    XWIKI-6451 Create rename event
    XWIKI-6448 On renaming a page with the name of an old document that existed before and was deleted at some point, no 'create' event is fired and the new named page appears in the event list as being deleted, despite the fact that the page exists
    Issue type Issue stateXE-761 Make the difference betweeen 'update' and 'rollback' events in the {{activity}} macro
    Issue type Issue stateXWIKIORG-9 Separate new users from changed pages in the Activity Stream
    XWIKI-5930 Activity Stream doesn't show Image Profile change
    XWIKI-7679 Separate Message Stream input from Activity Stream
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6006 Activity Stream doesn't report correctly the dates when a document is copied
XWIKI-6709 Activity stream doesn't properly support the same document name in different wikis
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6704 AS reports multiple edit actions when page with translations is copied

Idea: Group smaller events in activity stream (e.g. XAR import)

Issue type Issue stateXE-788 Display name of users that make changes instead of number of users in activity macro
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-7058 Page creation date should be the date of the installation
  • Idea: Be able to see the space for a given page in order to differentiate pages when they have the same name
  • Idea: The RSS from the Quick Links should be located near the AS
  • Idea: Combining AS with Watchlist
  • Idea: AS for pages you've contributed to (e.g. edit, comment)
  • Idea: The stream could be updated real time

Generic Applications

XE-773 Easy Application Creation
XWIKI-7927 Create an entry point for all available applications inside the wiki


  • Idea: In the livetable show Titles not Names
    Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-5904 After deleting a doc from the livetable user should be redirected back
    XWIKI-5898 Add page space and parent support in livetable options
    XE-603 Display document titles in the Document Index table
    XWIKI-7821 Add a message for the Livetable's empty state


XWIKI-6598 Better highlighting for the Suggest widget when match is not exact
XWIKI-6207 Auto-suggest doesn't work for global users
XE-1010 Auto-complete issue in Send Page by e-mail
  • Idea: Search Improvements


  • Idea: When the lock it open you can't see the article; When the lock is locked you can see
  • Idea: Auto-Generated Summary
  • Idea: More fancy UI
  • Idea: Private zone for unpublished posts
  • Idea: Create blog post can be done only from the homepage


  • Idea: Shouldn't be for normal users


Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6331 Improve page save comment when adding/removing annotation
XWIKI-6333 Add keyboard shortcut for "Show annotations"
XWIKI-7540 Merge Annotations with Comments.

Idea: Mix Annotations with Comments


  • Idea: The Notifier is not set - could be set automatically;
  • Idea: "Hourly emails" - shorter message and more clear options;
    XWIKI-6248 Improve the name of the options in the Watchlist drop down
    Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6907 Set a default value to the "WatchList daily notifier"
    XE-1149 Comma in page name of XWiki document results in empty Watchlist
  • Idea: Display correctly the default value for the fields

Office Import

XWIKI-6372 Add > Page from office ignores the parent passed as parameter
XAOFFICE-14 Improve the Office Importer Application User Experience


XWIKI-6568 When creating a document from template the template title should be copied

Extension Manager

XWIKI-8043 Logs should be simpler to read when installing XARs using the Extension Manager



  • Non-existing entities
    • Pretier message when the page does not exist
  • Deleting a page
    • Link to the recycle bin
  • Groups
    Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6308 Add a warning when deleting an user from a group
  • Attachments
    XWIKI-6623 Attachment upload failure gives no feedback to user
    XWIKI-6676 UI does not report failed delete actions of attachments
  • Document Title
    XWIKI-5429 Display an user-friendly message when the mandatory document title is empty
  • Editing
    Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6927 When leaving the edit mode without saving, notify the user that there are changes he needs to save
  • Errors
    Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-5983 .xwikirenderingerror message should be more descriptive specifying the location of the error
  • Idea: Descriptive error messages
    XWIKI-5373 Display friendlier messages for not found & error pages


XWIKI-6824 Standard disabled button does not look disabled
  • Idea: Auto-suggest on everything: wiki list, users list, pages, options, images, links, macros etc.
  • Idea: Forms macros
  • Idea: Filters
  • Idea: Good Defaults
  • Idea: Mentions about the format/syntax that can be entered in the forms (gadgets, comments)


XWIKI-4643 Missing trailing '/' fails to jump to the correct space
XWIKI-746 Fallbacks for "document not found"
XWIKI-3622 Add an automatic redirect when renaming a document
XWIKI-6898 Auto-redirect to the new page when doing a rename action without showing the intermediate notification message
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6529 Redirect to actual created page instead of info message when importing from office
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-6892 Log-in automatically on registration
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-880 When cancelling the creation of a new page the previous page should be displayed


XWIKI-6515 User should be able to see the "create" panel, even if he isn't logged in
  • Idea: Request for Admin support when you need to delete a page, move a space to another wiki, etc
Issue type Issue stateXWIKI-913 Short URLs should be configured by default



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