We currently have a Release Plan Application and a Release Notes Application. We're lacking a Roadmap Application.


Here are some ideas for what such a Roadmap App could be:

  • Idea is to replace the page at with an app
  • Feature: Be able to enter ideas for the next roadmaps. Anyone could enter those ideas: XWiki Core Dev team, Community at large
  • Feature: Be able to link those ideas to JIRA issues
  • Feature: Be able to vote for ideas
  • Idea: Integrate with the existing Idea Application which already supports voting
  • Feature: Have several categories of tasks: Ideas, Backlog (remaining stuff not done from past roadmaps), Roadmap Tasks, Moved to Future.
  • Feature: Ability to move tasks easily between types (Kanban style)
  • Feature: Be able to define Roadmap release dates
  • Feature: Be able to assign devs to Roadmap Tasks
  • Feature: Be able to create several roadmaps
  • Feature: Be able to link tasks to design pages on
  • Feature: Link Roadmap to release plan and release notes
  • Feature: Generate a Roadmap page with a Livetable with following columns: Roadmap name/version, link to roadmap page, status of roadmap (finished, in progress, planned), release notes link
  • Feature: Be able to have any wiki markup for a given task, thus allowing, for example, to use the jira macro to list all precise jira tasks/subtasks for a given Task



Created by Vincent Massol on 2018/05/02 10:52

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