• Have the ability to check the rights priority order in a particular location for a particular user/group
  • The feature is available on all levels: Global, Wiki and Page
  • The location and user can be manually filled or the 'Check' action can be used that will prefill the values
  • We will still have difficulties in display the (explicit allow -> implicit deny for the other groups) rights, but at least we will be able to see on what level the rights changed value

Example 1

  • Rights will be checked for the requested user and all the contain groups
  • Rights will be checked recursively for each level contained by the location
  • The 'Summary' will display the final value for the requested user in the requested location
  • Rights values are aligned so they can be scanned from top to bottom
  • Example: displaying multiple groups on the same level

Example 2

  • The detailed view will show what rights are set for each level
  • The detailed view can be expanded, explicitly showing also the breadcrumb for the location
  • Example: displaying rights for nested pages



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