Purpose: Removing global menu from UI means finding a new place to display Add action for wikis and pages.

Iteration 1

The first iteration of Menus was part of the Macaw Skin proposal.

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Alternatives: Options


  • A:
    • Just one button - that add the default type: page / child
    • Wiki creation would be transferred to Drawer
    • Recommended 
  • B:
    • There is no need to display the option if there is only one type
  • C:
    • If we remove the Space notion, we could have just Page and Wiki. Wiki option could be moved to Drawer and Wiki Index since it's an action done by Administrators and doesn't happen very often
  • D:
    • We could offer the ability to create page objects or page templates in the Add menu. We used to have this kind of menu in Colibri. It was rarely used. 
  • E:
    • In the future some applications might want to extend the Add button by providing specialized entities.

Alternatives: Position


P1: Inside content menu (preview)

Pros All actions displayed inside a single menuCons Common actions are a click behind


P2: As text-buttons inside content area (preview)

Pros Common action (Edit, Add) displayed using textual button


P3: As icon-buttons inside content area

Pros Common action (Edit, Add) displayed using icon buttonCons Even though icons are more cryptic, 'pencil' and 'plus' icons are pattern commonly used for 'edit' and 'add'


P4: Inside global menu

Pros Can support multiple types of entities (page, wiki)Cons We now have a limited number of options to display: wiki creation can be ported to Drawer instead


P5: As floating action button (Macaw style) (preview)

Pros Only one primary action displayedCons It would limit the ability to create entities only on WebHomes. With the Nested Documents changes, the line between WebHomes and normal pages will be blurred. Thus it will be harder to asses what the main action is: 'Edit' or 'Add'.


P6: As breadcrumb action

Cons Suggests that only one type of entities can be created: child pages.

Alternatives: Type


T1: Menu

Pros Keeps context for experimental add actionCons Not extensible


T2: Overlay

Pros Keeps context and allows additional customization of entity presentationCons Limited extensibility 
Cons Needs another step to define the page details


T3: Create Step (preview)

Pros ExtensibleCons Needs to reload another page in order to show the options



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