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The purpose of this proposal is to provide a redesign for Meeting Application layered on top of the Flamingo Skin. The current proposal is closer to the current design and functionality of the extension.

Provided views are mainly focused on layout changes and improved UX rather than actual redesign of the application, since the actual implementation will follow the style and interaction guidelines of the Flamingo Skin. 

XAMEETINGS-23 The "Actions" field is missing from the livetable
Issue type Issue stateXAMEETINGS-24 Add a sorting option to the "Duration" column
XAMEETINGS-25 Remove 'Edit' functionality from 'Actions' area
Issue type Issue stateXAMEETINGS-26 Be able to view a meeting's details from 'Calendar View'
XAMEETINGS-28 Link the 'Calendar View' from the Meeting App Homepage
Issue type Issue stateXAMEETINGS-31 Be able to add a meeting from 'Calendar View'
Issue type Issue stateXAMEETINGS-32 Have a special display for meetings where you are participating in
XAMEETINGS-38 Livetable should display page 'Title' instead of page 'Name'
XAMEETINGS-39 Use the entry name for the 'Title' field
XAMEETINGS-43 Meetings marked as 'Finished'/'Cancelled' should not be displayed in the 'Next Meetings' panel




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