• On inspectlect, we see too many cloud users staring at XWiki and figuring out how they can navigate within the product,
  • It is likely that they fly away without getting the point and understanding the benefits of XWiki
  • Users don’t RTFMs : they want to understand everything by themselves
  • A lot of people don’t dare modifying existing content online (because they’re not used to)
  • Evaluators need to understand solutions at a glance moreover if they take responsibility for a software that will be used by non-developers


  • Allow every user  to get started with XWiki
  • Highlight XWiki key differentiators
  • Show the benefits to the evaluator and how XWiki can fits its organisation or personal need


  • Replace Home Page text documentation by 3 Path signs stickers
  • Interactive tours (presented as small exercises) to make sure users have understood and can reproduce the tasks
  • Visual stickers including links to documentation


Created by Olivier Seres on 2017/03/13 12:35

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