org.xwiki.contrib:application-tour-ui 1.0.1 in XWiki Platform Distribution

Iteration 1

Highlighted elements

  1. Welcome message
    • Title: Welcome to XWiki
    • Content:
           In the next couple of minutes we will navigate together, discovering your wiki's functionality and performing basic actions.
            This is the main Home for your wikis.
  2. Action menu (global search, notification, user profile, drawer)
    • Title: Wiki Header
    • Content:
           This allows access to the Search feature, the Watchlist activators and your User Profile.
            The last element opens the drawer, which contains wiki related actions, like Administration.
  3. Breadcrumb
    • Title: Breadcrumb
    • Content:
           Use the Breadcrumb to navigate in pages hierarchy. Expand it to see the Navigation Tree.
  4. Content menu (edit, create, admin actions. more actions)
    • Title: Page Menu
    • Content:
           This menu contains page related actions, allowing users with appropriate rights to edit, create, administer or delete pages.
            More actions are available like Export, Print, Share, etc.
  5. Gadget section
    • Title: Gadget section
    • Content:
  6. Applications panel (or simply: Left Panel)
    • Title: Applications panel
    • Content:
           In this panel are listed the installed applications.
            Click on the "More applicaitons" button, to install other applications or to create your own.
  7. Right panels
    • Title: Right panels
    • Content:
           Useful information can be displayed all over the wiki by adding panels in this section. Add or create new panels from Administration section.
  8. Docextras Is this needed ?
    • Title: Docextras
    • Content:


  • Are these the best elements to be presented? 
  • Is this the best order?
  • Is it better to start automaticaly the tour or is better that each user click on a button to start the tour? 

Other suggestions

  • Each element from Action menu in separated step (4 steps)
    • Global search with suggest
    • Notifications: watch page, space (page + children), wiki
    • Profile: ability to change profile picture, details, reset password, create custom dashboard, switch to advanced user
    • Drawer: Expand to see the possible actions
  • Each elemeent from Content menu detailed in separated step (4 steps)
    • Edit (all the edit modes)
    • Create
    • Admin actions
    • More actions

From Silvia:

  • 1 Step for logo with details about how to change the logo
  • 1 Step for footer with details about how to change the footer
  • If we keep gadget: explain how to edit them (inline mode)
  • Add button/link in Welcome gadget to start the homepage tour
  • Display the number of step (3/10)


Proposal: Alex

Proposal: Caty

Iteration 2

Iteration 3



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