App Within Minutes - Improvements (7.x)

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2024/02/26 17:51



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The purpose of this proposal is to help integrate the following applications created with App Within Minutes with Flamingo Skin.


Before - after proposal

Wizard header

This pattern is widely implemented when users have to fill in data in multiple steps. The purpose of this pattern is to:

  • Guide users
  • Explain the scope of the process by clearly stating how many steps are needed to complete it
  • Show the user’s current position in the process by visually highlighting the current step


Here I've added icons for all fields and small titles, but also changed the previous added icons with the ones from font awesome (see photo number 4 from gallery.)
The benefits of icons in a graphical user interface (GUI) include:

  • Icons can be visually pleasing and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a design
  • They support the notion of a product family or suite when the same icons and style are used in several places
  • Good icons can make the look of a webpage more pleasing
  • Icons are fast to recognize at a glance (if well designed) — particularly true for standard icons that people have seen and used before


I made some changes on the homepage also:

  • I replaced the 5 links from the anterior action box, with a button and a dropdown menu list. I find it more user friendly and more compatible with Flamingo Skin
  • I also deleted some empty space

Remove tabbed information

Another thing that I think we should change is to remove the tabbed information from the bottom of the homepage (comments, attachments, history, information).
You can see the difference in the gallery.



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