Released on 8 Feb 2011
Size 107MB
Type Installer (.exe)
Platform Windows
  • Full UI redesign of the administration application
  • Experimental filesystem attachment storage
  • PDF export improvements
  • WYSIWYG content editor bug fixes and improvements
  • More standardized UI forms

For more information, see the full release notes.

If you're a first time user we recommend that you use the installer to get up to speed quickly. Once you're more familiar with XWiki you might want to set it up on your own database or in your own container, in which case you'll then be able to download the WAR file and set it up and use the XAR file to load a default set of pages.

The standalone package provided by the installer is not supposed to be used in production, since the embedded database does not support large wikis efficiently.

This standalone package contains a Jetty container and an HSQLDB database all set up. Keep in mind that it requires administrator rights on the target OS, if you don't have those rights use the ZIP file below. For any other problem check out the installation help.

Other distributions:

PlatformTypeDescriptionInstallation HelpDownload
AllJAR fileGraphical Installer that works on all platforms but requires Java to execute. Should be used by first-time users on non-Windows systems. This installer requires administrator rights on the target OS, if you don't have those rights use the ZIP file below.Instructionsxwiki-enterprise-installer-generic-3.0-milestone-2-standard.jar
AllZIP fileStandalone installation including a Jetty container and an HSQLDB database all set up, packaged as a ZIP file. Should be used by first-time users who do not need/want to use one of the installers
AllWAR fileWAR file that needs to be installed in a Container. A database also needs to be set up and configured. This is for more advanced users wanting to choose their container and their database.Instructionsxwiki-enterprise-web-3.0-milestone-2.war
AllXAR fileA default set of XWiki pages which you can load in an empty XWiki instance.Instructionsxwiki-enterprise-wiki-3.0-milestone-2.xar

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Other downloads

XWiki Extensions

XWiki projects come bundled with some extensions. However it's possible to download additional Extensions.

XWiki Projects

XWiki Source

All sources can also be browsed and downloaded from the Source Repository.

Development Builds

Development builds are generated automatically on each commit. If you're looking for stable versions please use released versions below. The development versions can be retrieved from our Maven2 snapshot repository. Some links: XWiki Enterprise Manager WAR


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