Results: Report and Suggestions
Period: 7 Jun - 28 Jun 2011
Interviewees: 25 members of the community (Beginners - 16%, Advanced - 84%)
Version: XWiki 3.0
Feature: Documents, Homepage
Type: Questions, Tasks, Survey

Part 1 - General remarks (5 minutes)

Please take a look at the homepage and tell us:
- what is the first thing that caches your eyes?
- what is the first thing you would click on?
- what do you think this site is for?
- what actions you think you can do on?

Part 2 - Testing specific tasks (30 minutes)


 It's your first day at work. Create a personal page where you will write your daily workload. When you're finished, let the others know the purpose and location of the page.


  1. Login into XWiki
  2. Find a good location to create your personal page
  3. Create your page
  4. Edit your tasks 
  5. Share the page content to your peers (comment, annotation, status, edit comment, share by email, etc.)


Feedback (10 minutes)

Could you complete the tasks?
Yes No
How simple was to complete the tasks?
Could you describe the steps you followed to complete the tasks?
Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the completion of the tasks?

Thank you for your time!


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