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Collaborative software or groupware is designed to help people involved in a common task achieve goals. 

One of the earliest definitions of collaborative software is 'intentional group processes plus software to support them'.

Short Version

The highlights of the Groupware wiki are:


  • Make Workspace Default
  • Polish needed extensions

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Tasks & Features

Task: Content Management


Pages are atomic entities of the wiki. They have 'Copy', 'Rename', 'Move', 'Delete' functionality. Also you can manage the 'History' (restore versions), add Attachments to them and manage them with 'Document Index'.
Mandatory Default


You can edit the wiki page in Syntax mode or WYSIWYG mode, which provides a way to create rich content with ease.
There will be a selection of macros specialized for creating content or that displays application related content, that can be embedded inside pages.
Mandatory Default


Spaces are collections of wiki pages. They have separate administration, so they can have independent rights, presentation, backups, etc. 

Spaces organize pages in 'physical' locations, accessible through URLs.
Mandatory Default


Import Office Documents (Word, Excel, Ppt) and other formats (CSV, DokuWiki, TWiki, MediaWiki, etc.) into wiki pages.
Mandatory Default Extension


The wiki displays the information as an online web page, but various output formats are needed for a wider audience. This should cover formats like XML, PDF, Word, ODT, Excel, CSV, HTML, etc. but also the ability to print the content.
We need the ability to export a single page or multiple pages.
Mandatory Default Extension


Macros add extra functionality inside wiki pages. There are certain macro categories, from content formatting to application specific macros. Macro categories need to be customized and specialized for groupwares, installed applications also enabling their related macros.

Some examples of useful macros:

Mandatory Default Extension Custom

Task: Application Management


Workspaces are subwiki that are created and used by regular users (not just admins). The workspace is a place to collaborate on a specific topic, being able to have independent applications, rights, presentation, backup, etc.

Extension Manager

Extension Manager allows applications to be installed/updated/removed in and from the wiki. All installed applications are displayed in an Applications Panel.
Mandatory Default

App Within Minutes

App Within Minutes creates collaborative web applications within minutes, based on XWiki's powerful structured data management system. Entries created with it are displayed in a livetable on the created application's homepage, allowing entries to be filtered and managed.
Mandatory Default

Task: Default Applications

User Directory

User Directory contains existing users, showing e-mail address, first name, last name, etc. The columns are customizable letting you add new properties (like department, manager, etc.)
Mandatory Default

Activity Stream

Activity Stream lets you monitor the activity on pages, comments, attachments, by seing new, edited, deleted content.
Mandatory Default


Dashboards provides customizable collections of gadgets. You can select what gadgets are relevant and the way they are related and displayed.
Mandatory Default


Search for content inside pages, comments, objects and also in the content of attachments. You can restrict your search results by using filters based on location, content type, modification date, author, etc. 

Also the Search Suggest feature rapidly displays the top matches for a certain query and highlights documents name, document content, attachment content and user names.
Mandatory Default


Blogs are used to communicate timely information, like announcements, journal entries, status reports, etc. You can host multiple blogs or organize the information using categories and tags.
Optional Default

Send Message

You can send message internally to wiki users, mentioning pages of interest, links or just content. Workstream is a similar application.
Optional Default

Comments & Annotations

Collaboration and reviewing on wiki pages can be made through comments (global level) and annotations (contextual level) on unpublished content.  Comments & Annotations can be added to any page.
Mandatory Optional Default


The watchlist gets you informed about wiki modifications. You will be notified by email of any changes to the pages: edit, delete content, comments, attachments, etc.

You can specify the frequency and delay of the e-mails. Also you are automatically subscribed to pages you contributed.
Mandatory Default

Share by email

You can share pages through mail or with other users. The pages can be just linked or embedded inside the message, containing comments and attachments.
Optional Default

Task: Collaborative Applications


Calendar allows you to create new events, mentioning the date, location, description, etc.
Mandatory Extension

File Manager

File Manager Application lets you manage your files, providing a viewer of supported files, displaying a tag cloud and allowing filtering. Another related macro is Attachments Macro
Mandatory Extension


Presentation Application allows creating HTML5 presentations collaboratively in wiki pages.
Optional Extension

Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager enables you to manage meetings (create, modify and view meetings to come).
Mandatory Extension

Task Manager

Task Manager is a task management application, that allows users to create and assign tasks from anywhere in the wiki.
Mandatory Extension

Polls & Surveys

Polls Application allows the creation of polls and surveys, having simple choice, multiple choice, rating, ranking, etc.
Optional Extension


The Forum gives you the possibility to create new categories and discuss topics within them.
Optional Extension


Chat Application provides a simple chat application which stores the chat history in the server memory. Each user receives notification of new messages.
Optional Extension

Mail Archive

Mail Archive Application manages a mail archive inside the wiki. The mailing lists archives will be stored and displayed.
Optional Extension

Task: Intranet Applications

Holiday Request

Holiday Request allows any user of the wiki to make a holiday request, and enables his manager to accept or refuse it.
Optional Extension


Recruitment Application allow to manage incoming applications from candidates, watching next steps and status in the recruitment process.
Optional Extension

Other Intranet Applications

There are other optional Applications that can be installed into a GroupWare, like Expense Reports, Employee Evaluations, Ideas etc.
Optional Default Custom

Task: Third-party Integration


Balsamiq plug-in allows you to create, edit and embed UI Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups in wiki pages.
Optional Extension


Diagram Application integrates and allows you to create and store diagrams in wiki pages.
Optional Extension


Jira Macro is a macro fetches information from a Jira server and displays them, showing identification, description, etc.
Optional Extension


There are several macros that allows you to integrate docs, calendars, maps, created with Google products.
Optional Extension

Other Third-Party Applications

There are other optional Third-Party Applications that can be installed in a GroupWare, like MindMap, PlantUML, Sequence Diagrams, etc.
Optional Default Custom

Task: Instance Administration


You can create your own user base and let them authenticate with XWiki credentials or you can delegate the authentification to LDAP and get their credentials from external servers.
Mandatory Default


The whole purpose of a groupware is to make information accessible to proper audience. Custom rights can be given to specific workspace groups of users (like the ability to edit, comment, view, etc.)
Mandatory Default


Groupware skins have a custom skin in accordance with the company/product brand (logo, colors, etc.) Alternatively the default Skin and ColorThemes could be used.

The skin could also use an optional Horizontal Menu to contain links to important sections and implement additional ways to navigate in the workspaces structure.
Mandatory Optional Default Extension Custom


Prevent information loss by having regular backups, useful also when doing upgrades or moving from one instance to another.
Mandatory Default

Analytics & Statistics

You can get detailed informations about pages and contributors if you enable the Statistics Application.
Optional Default

Features Summary

 Feature  Status
Workspaces Mandatory       
Extension Manager Mandatory    Default    
App Within Minutes Mandatory    Default    
Authentification  Mandatory    Default    
Rights Mandatory    Default    
Backup Mandatory    Default    
Pages (History, Attachments, Document Index)  Mandatory    Default    
Spaces Mandatory    Default    
Comments Mandatory    Default    
WYSIWYG Mandatory    Default    
Search Mandatory    Default    
User Directory Mandatory    Default    
Activity Stream Mandatory   Default    
Dashboard Mandatory    Default    
Watchlist Mandatory    Default    
Import Mandatory   Default 1  Extension 2 
Export Mandatory   Default   Extension 3 4 
Macros Mandatory    Default   Extension Custom  
Presentation Mandatory Optional   Default   Extension 5 Custom
Blog   Optional   Default    
Send message  Optional   Default    
Share by email  Optional   Default    
Annotations  Optional   Default    
Analytics & Statistics  Optional   Default    
Calendar Mandatory    Extension 6 
Meeting Manager Mandatory    Extension 7 
Task Manager Mandatory    Extension 8 
File Manager Mandatory    Extension 9 
Presentation  Optional    Extension 10 
Polls & Surveys  Optional    Extension 11 
Forum  Optional    Extension 12 
Chat  Optional    Extension 13 
Mail Archive  Optional    Extension 14 
Intranet Applications  Optional    Extension 15 16 17 
Third-Party Integration  Optional    Extension 18 19 20 
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