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How to call a workspace? (Jul 30, 2013)
[Proposal] Have Workspace by default in XE (Jul 29, 2013)
[VOTE] Integrate Workspaces by default in XWiki's default XAR (Jul 20, 2013)


Option A

Create Workspace in the Add Menu
Create Wiki in Administration


  • (+/-) Wiki creation more hidden (but is a rare action, done only by admins (advanced users) that are familiar to Administration)


  • Separate User functionality (found in the menu) from Admin functionality (found in the Administration area)

Option B

Option in the create wizard: choose if you want a wiki or a workspace (subtype)


  • For normal users, the type area will contain just one item: Workspaces, being a bit redundant
  • Duplicated functionality for admins: in the Create step and in the Administration (for the wiki details and users management)


  • Only one concept: Wiki. The type will be implemented using templates.
  • The type (templates) zone is extensible in case we will want to add a new one

Option C

Add Menu: Wiki, Workspace


  • Mixing User functionality (the ability to create Workspaces) with Admin functionality (the ability to create Wikis)
  • Confusing for users that don't know the difference between Wiki and Workspaces
  • Crowding the menu with an option that is rarely used


  • Customizable, we could have an option to disable one way of creating wikis or another 

Option D

Only one notion (subwiki)
Workspaces defined as the 'Users Isolation' checkbox


  • Removing the marketing benefits of having the workspace term
  • Emphase on having 'local' and 'global' users which can be confusing for normal users


  • Only one concept: subwiki



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