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1 The proposed project is a helm chart that would deploy XWiki as highly available and reliable. It should be configurable with different databases(either a standalone database or a clustered one) that are configurable with XWiki. It would give the option to either configure solr externally (standalone or clustered) or managed within the container. It also needs to be deployed on various Servlet Containers and with a LibreOffice server configured and should support all the configurations supported by the official XWiki Docker images. It should deploy the app on a shared file system like a rook. It should support Istio virtual services, istio matrix, and istio distributed tracing and should be a secured system with RBAC and security credential rotation. The chart should be easily deployed on GKE and amazon EKS.
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5 == Features ==
8 * Support for different Databases
9 * A choice between using an external database, a single node DB or a multi-cluster DB setup
10 * Support for shared file system
11 * Support for istio and it's services
12 * RBAC, SSL and other security methods
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