Simple and Advanced administration concept

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Context :

  • Wiki's administration display many informations that can be set, but it needs a PHD in technology to be done correctly
  • The new xwiki distributions come with less elements included and is more and more extension based

Actual situation :

  • There are a lot of available options which confuse most admins
  • The applications are represented by one bloc from the left column which is far from the top of the screen
  • Global admins and local admins can access this administration with the same options. Thus local admins have less responsibility on the wiki farm.


Actual flows :

  • Local admins do not touch anything since they think that the administration of sub-wikis is too complicated/advanced for them.
  • Administration of application is often not seen

Feature proposal :

  • Hide options from the UI to simplify it
  • Allow an advanced and a simple mode for the administration
    • The advanced mode will show all of it
    • The simple mode (default mode) would show only the necessary items for a wiki to be configured by an end-user
  • Simple mode :
    • Wiki
      • Informations (all field in the page)
        • Descriptor
        • Pretty name
        • Description
        • Home page
        • Owner 
      • Configurations (all fields in the page)
        • Versioning > Enable version summaries 
        • Language > Multilingual (Yes/No)
          • Yes > Supported languages
        • Language > Default Language
        • Date / Time > Date format
        • Date / Time > Timezone 
        • Office server state
        • (If local users) Email > Obfuscate Email Addresses
        • Email > Email address to send from
      • Content templates (keep the actual)
    • Look & Feel (all fields in the page)
      • Design
        • Design > Wiki logo
        • Design > ColourTheme > Pick a ColourTheme
        • Design > ColourTheme > Manage ColourTheme
        • Page metadata visibility > Show page annotations
        • Page metadata visibility > Show page comments
        • Page metadata visibility > Show page attachments
        • Page metadata visibility > Show page history
        • Page metadata visibility > Show page information
        • Footer > Space Copyright
        • Footer > Version
      • Panel Wizard
    • Users & groups
      • Member (keep the actual without the Configuration section)
      • Groups (keep the actual but rename XWikiAllGroup into MembersGroup)
      • Rights (keep the actual)
    • Extension manager (Keep only the first page "add extensions" and add the update button into it and a filter to see only user installed extensions)
    • Application
      • Annotations
      • Google Analytics™
      • User Directory
      • Applications Panel
      • ... other installed applications
  • Advanced mode
    • All features that can't be set at the sub-wiki level should be removed


Feature benefits :

  • SImpler UI aiming towards end-users
  • Simpler access to applications administration
  • Concept of advanced/simple already well known
  • Nothing removed

Feature flows :

  • Still not good enough to present applications
    • An other proposal with only 2 sections would be best (Wiki and Application)

Second design :



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