The main idea of the Page Likes is to be able to show some interests about a page by Liking it.

Main scenario

The way I imagine it the usual scenario would be the following:

  • a user logged-in on a wiki (see question 1)
  • find a page that interest her, click on the like button (see question 2)
  • a "like-counter" is incremented on the page (see question 3)
  • an event about the like is sent (see question 4)
  • the page is added to the watchlist
  • the user can find back the pages he liked (see question 5)

Who is able to like a page?

Only logged-in users are able to like a page.

There is a dedicated right to allow people to like a page.

Where is located the like button?

The button is located next to the "Tags" at the bottom of the page.

What information are displayed with likes?

By default the total number of likes is displayed. It's possible to obtain the list of people who likes by interacting with the button (simple hover would be enough? Need to be tested and clarified).

What event do we sent when someone like a page and to whom?

When a like is perform a "Like event" is sent containing:

  • reference of the page liked
  • reference of the user who likes

Two targets are used to send events:

  • the people who follows the page
  • the followers of the current user: more the social approach of liking IMO, it might inform others that a page is interesting.

The global activity stream shouldn't display the like events.
Unliking a page is allowed and send an internal event that is never displayed.

How the user find back the page he likes?

Add a new tab in the user profile to list the page liked.
The list of most liked page with their number of likes is available in index, as well as the list of recently liked pages.


Created by Simon Urli on 2020/06/08 11:39

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