• Closed XWIKI-13069 Consistent styling for Copy/Rename and their Statuses steps



  • Make sure the Page actions (Create, Copy, Rename, Delete, Administer) are consistent between them.
  • Similar views should be consistent between them. Same requirement for:
    • (Edit, View) 
    • the viewers (Attachments, Comments, History, etc.)
    • (Create Page, Create Wiki)
UC: As an user, know where you are in the application.
UC: As an user, be able to change your mind on the current step, either by going back, canceling or changing the selected action.
UC: As an user, know which are your next steps.


For each of the page steps, check if the step has: 

  • Breadcrumb:
    • Breadcrumb should be present in order to allow the user to navigate away from this view in case he ended up by mistake
  • Titles:
    • Title should be present
    • Consistent font-size
    • Consistent spacing between the title and following elements
  • Menu:
    • Content menu should be present in order to allow the user to change his mind regarding the action he wants to perform (particularly important for 'Copy' / 'Rename' / 'Move' actions)
  • Last modified should not be present since this is not a content page
  • There should be a separator between the title area and the form elements
  • Buttons:
    • A clear primary action button present
      • The label of the button uses a clear verb (like 'Create', 'Delete', etc.)
    • The 'Cancel' button is present

Layout Overview

  • The Page action layout needs to be consistent, no matter the action
  • Current layout for actions in XWiki 11.3-snapshot
  • Here are some old wireframes showcasing actions layout


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2019/04/10 16:49

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